Anna Lunoe Is Making a Statement With Her ‘All Out Fall Out’ Tour [Event Review]

After taking over the Australian underground producer Anna Lunoe decided it was time to jump in to the American market, a decision that has panned out pretty damn well.

Since relocating to Los Angeles roughly a year ago Lunoe has been mopping up the dance music scene, gaining exposure and picking up fans at an alarming rate.

It seems that you cannot look at a music festival lineup this year and not catch Anna Lunoe written on some level of the bill. Fresh off festival stints that included two main stage performances at Coachella, Decibel Festival, Electric Forest, Lollapalooza, Moonrise Festival and more, Lunoe has accumulated as much momentum as any one could hope for.

anna lunoe all out fall out tour
Photo via Facebook/Anna Lunoe

In addition to these stops Anna has been showcased as part of the Diplo & Friends guest mix while maintaining her highly successful Luney Tunes podcast. With so much in the works she still managed to release the All Out EP, cracking the top 5 on the iTunes dance charts among the company of Martin Garrix and Calvin Harris.

To celebrate her rapidly accumulating successes Anna Lunoe has set out on her All Out Fall Out tour including a stop at Bardot in Miami on Friday, October 3.

As far as individual shows are concerned, we can say confidently that this particular showcase was one of our favorites this year. The energy that Anna brought to the decks was absolutely contagious. You could tell something special was in the works from the moment you walked through the hidden back-alley door.

In a recent interview with the Miami New Times Lunoe describes her affinity for the sunny, southern musical hub and how she chose the tour stops.

To celebrate the EP, I want to go around and check in with all my favorite spots and play for all my favorite crowds.

It’s such a singular spot, Miami. And my memories are very much to do with WMC. That’s essentially DJ summer camp. We go there, and we all buckle down and share ideas and have crazy nights and get to know each other really well, and we make the relationships and the connections that will last us for years.

I love Miami because it’s just so unique. It’s unlike anywhere in America that I’ve experienced. The combination of cultures and everything, it’s wild.

It was awesome to be able to see Anna in her natural environment, controlling the dance floor with an intrinsic bravado that demanded your attention. Her juicy, deep tunes kept the floor moving from start to finish as hundreds of fans shuffled their way as close to the booth as they could get in the initimate, living room like environment of the venue.

anna lunoe all out fall out tour review
Photo via Facebook/Anna Lunoe

If you happen to be attending a festival where her name appears on the lineup, scour the local events in the city.

Anna is all about those after parties and if you have the chance to see her in a small setting it has the potential to change the way you look at music.

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