An Essential Batch of Chill Trap [Free Download]

Along the lines of future bass and trap music, you will find chill trap. Today we have selected a batch of chill trap for you all. You probably have heard of ELJAY single ‘No Pressure’ that is featured on EKALI‘s Awakening Vol. 2. These other artist in this collection spring from even further underground, all member of Chill Trap Records family.

Welcome to the ELJAY, Coopex, CMRN, BEAUZ, Drove Amero & JASE chill trap takeover. 

Starting this collection of free downloads off, take a listen to ELJAY’s staple single ‘No Pressure’. Feel the weight of things lift off your shoulders for a bit. Then wait to hear the wonky trap drop for his ‘Bailar’.

ELJAY ‘No Pressure’

Listen to and download for free ELJAY’s ‘No Pressure’: 

Listen to and download for free ELJAY’s ‘Bailar’: 

Plug into Coopex’s ‘Draw Your Life’ with a unique melodic chill trap drop, try not to beat this one to death by playing it too much.

Coopex’s ‘Draw Your Life’ Ft. CXNNXR

Listen to and download for free Coopex’s ‘Draw Your Life’ (Ft. CXNNXR):

A Melbourne favorite, CMRN brings us ‘We’re Not Perfect’, a concept that once realized will chill you out.

CMRN ‘We’re Not Perfect’

Listen to and download for free CMRN‘s ‘We’re Not Perfect’:

BEAUZ is out of LA, who is here to kill your pain with his music.

We found his ‘Grey Noise’ with top-line vocals from Lovlee from Chill Trap Records releases. Grab this one as a free download and explore more of his blissed out sound on SoundCloud.

BEAUZ ‘Grey Noise’

Listen to and download for free ‘BEAUZ’s ‘Grey Noise’ ft. Lovlee: 

More of BEAUZ‘s sound caught our ear by hitting the sweet spots, like his ‘Ready To Go’ that you can also pick up as a free download.

Drove Amaro out of Puebla, Mexico turns it up a notch, letting it rip with his ‘Nopal Bass’.

Drove Amaro ‘Nopal Bass’

Listen to and download for free Drove Amaro‘s ‘Nopal Bass’:

Next JASE created a shamelessly romantic chill trap banger dubbed ‘Come Alive’.

JASE ‘Come Alive’ Ariel Petrie

Listen to and download for free JASE‘s ‘Come Alive’ ft. Ariel Petrie:

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