Electronic queen and Canadian songwriter Alice Glass, friends know her as Margaret Osborn, just released a dark, pensive, nightmarish, yet dreamlike EP. Former front-woman of electronic band Crystal Castles, Alice decided to part ways and embark on her own journey as a solo artist after a destructive falling out with Ethan Kath in 2014. Now, she fights back in an admirable way in her self-titled EP, Alice Glass.

Alice Glass gives hints into her haunting story in a victorious comeback song, ‘Without Love’.

‘Without Love’ Song Cover – Alice Glass

This is Alice’s second single as an independent artist and the first track on her EP. Without Love is a melodic, powerful song that contrasts affection and detestation beautifully. Dreamy synths fall behind her alluring, forlorn vocals as she twists and turns in the darkness, yet she is surrounded by the elegance of blossoming flowers.

“Am I worth it or am I worthless?
And will I ever figure it out?”

“How are you gonna lie about me now?
I see you watching me from underground
Was I a stray just waiting to be found?
Got to be without love…”

Alice Glass tells her story in hoping to help others who may be going through similar, dark tribulations.

She posted on her social media the following photograph with empowering commentary in regards to the fourth song on her EP, White Lies.

“White Lies is about the lies people have to tell themselves to find comfort when they feel trapped being around someone that hurts them or other people. Most people who remain in abusive relationships do so because they’re constantly being lied to. So they learn to lie to themselves as a form of false protection.”

Alice Glass on White Lies via Facebook

Her song ‘White Lies’ opens up with a nerve-racking static followed by a powerful beat and mesmerizing, chaotic vocals.

“Like the other girls before me
Tuck us in and tell us stories
So we don’t have to think about it (don’t think about it)
Steal the fruit inside it’s rotting
Take a bite, tell me I’m lying
It’s better not to think about it (don’t think about it)”

Listen here to the rest of her imaginary, despairing EP.

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