Akuarium Unleash The Beat of The Future

EDM DJ duo Akuarium, Jordan Bolch and Richie Schwab, unleash the beat of the future with the release of their EP. This up and coming supergroup has gained support around the world for their energetic beats and mesmerizing bass lines.

Jordan and Richie pride themselves on being inventive, exploratory, and erratic. This pair has worked with each other on assorted projects over the past ten years. Their music is a combination of hip-hop, house, dubstep, and trance music.

Akuarium’s EP, Unleash The Beat, is filled with thrilling, robotic beats and uptempo deep-dives.

Akuarium EP Unleash The Beat Cover

While listening to the track Fully Automatic, a visual utopia comes to mind.

This track is imaginative, robotic, and powerful. The beat paints an oceanic oasis where a mystical creature is swimming through an endless sea of mystery in search for the highest truth.

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