Dear mother of Batman, this remix by Aero Chord will strip you of all your ambitions. Aero Chord is always creating bangers, so his remix of Bro Safari‘s ‘Scumbag’ is no exception. His work is getting widely recognized thanks to his persistence, precision, and the help of top record labels.

Monstercat and Aero Chord have been working a lot together lately, particularly for his singles ‘Manchu Back‘ and his latest release, ‘Resistance‘, that earned over 300,000 plays within the first two days.

Aero Chord remix of Bro Safari’s ‘Scumbag’ 

For ‘Scumbag’, Aero worked with the highly reputable label, Trap Sounds. Follow Trap Sounds on Soundcloud for an endless collection of free trap downloads.

Aero Chord’s remix of Bro Safari’s ‘Scumbag’ is a full fledged in-your-face trap track designed to let you loose.

I danced so hard to this one that I lost my suspenders and fanny pack. I will safely bet you will be getting down properly to this ruthless turn up track. We cannot wait for what Aero Chord releases after he leaves the studio with Wolfgang Gartner soon.

Listen to Aero Chord’s remix of Bro Safari’s ‘Scumbag’ below:

Download Aero Chord’s remix of Bro Safari’s ‘Scumbag’ for free by clicking here.

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