A Silky Edition Of Dancing Pineapple Showcasing Soulful Jarreau Vandal

This time on Dancing PineappleAmsterdam native, Jarreau Vandal from Soulection record label throws down. You cannot box Jarreau Vandal into a particular genre, but his influences spring from jazz, soul, and funk. Jarreau Vandal says, “forget genres.”

He creates a brand new feel to all the remixes he chooses to create, especially his retake of ‘All My Friends’ by Snakehips in this mix.

Jarreau Vandal Dancing Pineapple Mixes
Dancing Pineapple Artist Showcase Series Jarreau Vandal

Jarreau Vandal smoothly bridges the gap between dance music and jazz in this soulful edition of Dancing Pineapple.

 Listen to Jarreau Vandal on Dancing Pineapple Artist Showcase Series below: 

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