Rejoice For The Sioux Tribe At Standing Rock With STS9’s Most Riveting Track

The Army Corp of Engineers just announced they will look to reroute The Dakota Access Pipeline. For the meantime, the battle has been won for the Sioux tribe at the Standing Rock Reservation. However, the war is not over with adamant investors still pushing for the project.

We are asking our supporters to keep up the pressure, because while President Obama has granted us a victory today, that victory isn’t guaranteed in the next administration. – Dallas Goldtooth (lead organizer for the Indigenous Environmental Network)

For now, let’s take a moment to rejoice for people coming together to conserve the Sioux tribe culture with Sound Tribe Sector Nine‘s uplifting and fierce track, ‘The Rabble’.

STS9 - 'The Rabble'
STS9 – ‘The Rabble’

STS9 believes in a non-violent protest approach to our issues and to win by gaining the moral high ground. Keep fighting with fierce kindness, good will prevail. Join Sound Tribe for their 3 night run called, “Light Years“, in Denver Colorado to close out 2016 majestically.

Listen to ‘The Rabble’ by STS9 below:


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