A Fated Encounter with Titus1 Ignites TATE SEDAR’s ‘My Fire’ Remix

TATE SEDAR‘s electrifying remix of ‘My Fire’ for Titus1 isn’t just about igniting dance floors; it’s a testament to the serendipitous moments that fuel the music industry. The track, originally a female-sung anthem exploring desire in the realm of progressive house, gets a thrilling makeover with TATE SEDAR’s signature bass-heavy electro house twist, alongside remixes from Toxic Wraith, Ginseng, and Atwood, all exclusively released on Kult + Kraft records.

TATA SEDAR remix Titus1 ‘My Fire’

The story behind this remix is as vibrant as its beats. Having immersed himself in Titus1’s tracks for years, Insomniac artist TATE found himself in a remarkable encounter when Titus1 flew in from Canada to support Curbi at Club Catwalk in LA in 2023. What started as a chance meeting blossomed into a friendship transcending screens and borders, revealing unexpected mutual connections between the two.

Early in 2024, Titus1 extended the remix opportunity to TATE, sparking a creative journey fueled by unexpected inspirations. Initially hesitant about a vowel lead in the track, TATE’s perspective shifted after soaking in the explosive energy of Beyond Wonderland SoCal 2024. The festival’s emphasis on bass-heavy genres like dubstep, trap, and drum & bass reaffirmed TATE’s instinct to infuse the remix with robust, lower-frequency sounds, resulting in a deep, bombastic melody complemented by intricate 2-step rhythms and a surprise “fakeout” build that keeps listeners on their toes.

For TATE SEDAR, this remix is more than just another project; it’s a reflection of his unwavering passion for shaping and reworking music that resonates with him. Fans eager to experience the sizzle of this remix and stay updated on TATE’s musical journey can follow him on Spotify or tune into his second SoundCloud channel, “RE: TATE SEDAR.”


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