A Beautiful Collection of NAKID’s Future Bass and Trap

Swedish producer NAKID is a part of the XO Collective, a family on a mission to convey beauty through vibrations. Within the XO Collective you will also find Gill Chang, NOTD and ToWonder delivering beautified feels for free download. We have selected three tracks by NAKID’s to rinse you with future feels.

The first track that we would like to showcase of NAKID’s is his most recent remix of Jesper Jenset’s pop single, ‘Lies. Make sure to pick up this track for free download by clicking here.

In ‘Lies’ Jesper Jenset’s soaring vocals are emotional giving room for NAKID to add uplifting future bass elements to make this track explode.

NAKID’s remix of ‘Lies’ by Jesper Jenset

Listen to NAKID’s remix of ‘Lies’ by Jesper Jenset below:

NAKID’s remix of ‘All We Know’  by The Chainsmokers

The next track we selected to showcase NAKID’s beauty is his remix of The Chainsmokers ‘All We Know’ featuring Phoebe Ryan. With only 400,000 plays on SoundCloud, this track deserves more attention.

From the beginning to end NAKID adds his alluring future feels nicely to the vocals and the beat. Make sure to snag this one for free download by clicking here.

Some say that this remix of The Chainsmokers is better than the original thanks to the soothing future bass drop.



Listen to NAKID’s remix of ‘All We Know’ by The Chainsmokers ft. Phoebe Ryan:

The final track we selected is a beautiful future trap remix of Brandon Skeie’s, ‘So Bad’. 

The original version of this track is driven by Skeie’s powerful vocals and a piano melody. Once again NAKID saw opportunity to add an invigorating future layer to bring a heartfelt pop single to new heights. He is definitely on to something…

NAKID’s remix of ‘So Bad’ by Brandon Skeie

Listen to and download for free NAKID’s remix of ‘So Bad’ by Brandon Skeie below:

There is so much more from NAKID and the rest of the XO Collective to explore, find more on their SoundCloud.

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