7 Catchy Songs We Are All Guilty of Overplaying In 2016

STOP and put your hands up if you are guilty of overdosing on some of the biggest trending songs of 2016!

Everyone experiences that phase when you find a catchy, new trend of a song and you scream to yourself, “Oh my god, that is my life!”

Every time a solid new set of lyrics mashes up with a melodic back tone, fans choose to put it on every party playlist. If perhaps that person is you, don’t blame yourself, but blame the sick bass drop!

Here are 7 songs from 2016 that you wish you didn’t overplay, but you totally did:

  1.  Chainsmokers: ‘Closer’ (972,681,449 views on VEVO)

  2.  D.R.A.M: ‘Broccoli’ (145,186,275 views on VEVO)

  3.  Zara Larsson: ‘Never Forget You’ (301,119,479 views on VEVO)

  4.  Halsey: ‘Colors’ (73,217,965 views on VEVO)

  5.  Louis The Child: ‘It’s Strange’ (11,300,000 views on Soundcloud)

  6.  Flume ‘Never Be Like You’ (46,600,000 views on Soundcloud)

  7.  Calvin Harris: ‘This Is What You Came For’ (1,140,183,652 views on VEVO)

Notably, these numbers of views only reflect one platform that these songs are hosted on…

Listen to Flume’s ‘Never Be Like You’ to bring back memories of 2016 below:

Listen to ‘It’s Strange’ by Louis The Child’ at least one more time below: 

Listen to ‘Broccoli’ by D.R.A.M again below: 

Now that we got that out of our system we can welcome in the New Year. We need to realize that when one door closes, another door opens, meaning that once we tuck away some of our 2016 favs, an overflow of 10 times better and fresher music will come through.

Even if that song still rings in the back of your mind every so often, stop, just stop. We must make room for the new stuff and come on… those songs are so 2016.

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