Get Ready For The BPM Festival In 2 Days With Superlover

On his way to the BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen, Superlover will be holding down 2nd street & the beach next week. His seductive track ‘Love Flute’ gives you a little taste on how his set will be. Mother Recordings helped him with this single that is as sexy as it is deep.

Superlover has been blasting his positive vibes since 1994, blossoming from Berlin. He is looking forward to turning up the party January 11th at the Wah Wah Beach Bar with Timo MaasMat.Joe, and David Keno for one of the biggest underground DJ gatherings, known as the BPM Festival.

‘Love Flute’ by Superlover 

Fall into the loving trance ‘Love Flute’ allures you into with deep house and carefree wind instrument samples.

Listen to ‘Love Flute’ by Superlover below: 

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