5 Track Bouquet of Enormous Tunes’ Freshly Blossomed House Music

With artists like Croatia Squad, Nora En Pure, Me & My Toothbrush, and Calippo signed to the Enormous Tunes label you will be hard pressed to find a stronger house music collective. Over the last couple weeks, Croatia Squad, Milk & Sugar and Fort Arkansas released fresh house music for Enormous Tunes to feast on.

Fort Arkansas creates a track that plays with tones that are thought to bring on joy and comfort.

Fort Arkansas ‘Joy & Comfort’

For Arkansas’ single ‘Joy & Comfort’, a combination of horns, tropical rhythms, and thumping house elements take you on a whimsical journey. Enjoy the classic Latin flavor driving his track that is rare and refreshing.

Listen to ‘Joy & Comfort’ by Fort Arkansas below:

Milk & Sugar ‘Music Is Moving’

Another recent release on Enormous Tunes comes from Milk & Sugar.

German based DJs, producers, and label owners, Milk & Sugar have been working together for more than a decade. They need no introduction as many of their productions became milestones of house music history, such as their epic track ‘Higher & Higher‘, and their all-time Ibiza classic ‘Let The Sun Shine‘.





Listen to ‘Music Is Moving’ by Milk & Sugar and remixed by Nora En Pure: 

Finally and thankfully, Croatia Squad released a two track deep house EP for Enormous Tunes, dubbed ‘Prepare For The Night’.

Croatia Squad

These two cuts, ‘Prepare For The Night’ and ‘Ask Around’ round off this collection of tracks beautifully by providing deep house elements.

Listen to ‘Prepare For The Night’ by Croatia Squad: 

Listen to ‘Ask Around’ by Croatia Squad: 

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