5 Reasons Why Slander Is Taking EDM By Storm

slander music
Photo – Slander – Facebook.

Slander has become an EDM sensation as of late, and it’s not by coincidence.

Completely changing the meaning of the word, the duo behind Slander are putting an entirely new face on the future of trap music.

After hearing many close friends rant and rave (pun intended) about their SMF 2015 set, we couldn’t resist the temptation to see them live for ourselves, and it was well worth it. After tearing the place down with their unforgettable performance, they exceeded the hype and definitely stood out as one of the most underrated artists of 2015.

With that said, here are 5 reasons why Slander will blow your mind:

Trap With a Hint of Trance

slander music
Photo – Slander – Facebook.

Their specific style of trap encompasses many components of trance that give Slander their unique sound. It is almost unimaginable when trying to put trance and trap together in your head, but once heard, it is not easily forgotten.

It is unmistakable and gives listeners that uplifting feeling of trance without easing up on the bass intensive trap sound. They integrate two almost opposite subgenres into beautiful artistry that is only distinctive to Slander.


slander music
Photo – Slander – Facebook.

When their set began, they didn’t open with an EDM favorite. Instead, they threw it back to 2000 with Link Park’s “In The End” and remixed it flawlessly. They also astonished the entire crowd by remixing the opening sequence from Disney’s “The Lion King” with Alvaro and DJ Mercer’s “Welcome To The Jungle” featuring Lil Jon.

During their set, they also aired remixes to old EDM favorites like Skrillex’s “Cinema,” Flux Pavilion’s “I Can’t Stop”, and even Nelly’s 2009 single “Ride With Me”.

They Love What They Do

Slander EDM
Photo – Slander – Facebook.

As an EDM enthusiast, there is nothing more frustrating than watching an artist perform who does not show love for their music or their fans. That is not a problem for Slander though, as they brought all the hype and then some when performing.

You could see the grins radiating on their faces when they were about to drop something that would make the crowd go insane.

They Make Sure That The Crowd Knows They’re Loved

Slander EDM
Photo – Donslens and Slander – Facebook.

Some artists may be annoyed to be back in a city that they just performed in. However, Slander showed so much love for the Tampa, Florida crowd and thanked us for letting them grace our ears with their music.

Exuding Peace, Love, Unity and Respect throughout their entire performance, you can tell that there is no where else they would rather have been that night.

They’re Down to Earth

It’s normal for major league EDM artists to play a set and then go on their way to the next show. But when Slander finished their show in Tampa, they came down from the stage to take pictures and hang out with all of the fans who came to see them.

It was a small but tasteful and classy gesture that just reaffirmed their passion for their fans and their music.

Slander edm
Photo – Slander – Facebook.

With their Solo EP coming out soon, keep an eye on Slander as they continue to take the world by storm.

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