5 of Our Favorite Moments From Wakarusa 2014

Bassnectar Teaches Everyone A Lesson

wakarusa 2014
Photo via Bassnectar

Returning after nearly a year long hiatus Lorin has returned to the festival circuit in a big way, unleashing his latest album Noise Versus Beauty.

From start to finish Bassnectar laid down pure nastiness with a bass heavy set that I’m pretty sure caused the mountain to shake and tremors to be felt at least twenty miles away.

Bassheads celebrated as Lorin announced he was going to play extra which turned out to be about 20 minutes longer than his initially scheduled time.

Accompanied by amazing stage production and some of the trippiest visuals of the weekend, Bassnectar masterfully intertwined old school favorites in addition to brand new tracks.

Perhaps the best moment of the entire set was the end as the king of bass dropped truth on the crowd of thousands before him.

As the tempo slowed down an automated voice accompanied a digital projection that declared a message that left everyone thinking.

The ending message:

Taking just a minute. Gently. I bring my energy away from the external. I bring all my attention up through my body to a point in the middle of my forehead just above and behind the eyes. Towards a single point of focus inside. I now look through my eyes as if they are windows. I am the still point of awareness looking through the eyes to the world out there. I am the still point, silent and powerful.

Minds were definitely blown.


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4 thoughts on “5 of Our Favorite Moments From Wakarusa 2014

  1. really? the COMMERCIAL for the new app was one of your favorite moments? That wasn’t touching, that was STAGED! I was pissed off they interrupted the festival for a freaking commercial.

  2. Staged or not, the fact that someone was inspired to pursue their dream through the power of music is something that we have to respect.

    We all have those artists whose music speaks to us in a powerful way. Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros happened to be the catalyst for The Festival Guy.

    Can’t hate on someone who is living their dream and giving back to the festival community. A great moment indeed.

  3. Yeah, I don’t think it was an ad as much as he was just sharing what he created. It felt a little insincere but basically the rest of his speech didn’t. I know I felt what he feels because I was not an ES&MZ fan before but now I am.

  4. The Lips married a couple before performing the most broken, energy-devoid, meandering set I’ve ever seen them play. I was devastated at their shoddy performance

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