5 of Our Favorite Moments From Wakarusa 2014

ill.Gates Saves A Life

Late in to the night on Saturday/Sunday morning as the sun began to rise ill.Gates was hard at work throwing down at The Untz Satellite Stage while things got quite weird in the woods.

The hammocks strewn about the trees were rattling with the bass as fest heads were vibing out in the pit.

Photo via ill.Gates

As it came time for ill.Gates to transition in to the next track he had to quickly re-think his strategy.

A moth had landed on the cue button preventing Gates from continuing with his current progression.

Where most people would simply shoo the critter away or perhaps smash it all together, Gates instead hopped on the microphone and enlightened the crowd as to what was going down.

His message? That he would not kill it because everyone should have respect for all living things.

You can only imagine the crowd’s response as iLL went on to dedicate the next track to fuzzy little Apamea before throwing down one of the dirtiest beats of the weekend after the moth finally fluttered away.


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4 thoughts on “5 of Our Favorite Moments From Wakarusa 2014

  1. really? the COMMERCIAL for the new app was one of your favorite moments? That wasn’t touching, that was STAGED! I was pissed off they interrupted the festival for a freaking commercial.

  2. Staged or not, the fact that someone was inspired to pursue their dream through the power of music is something that we have to respect.

    We all have those artists whose music speaks to us in a powerful way. Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros happened to be the catalyst for The Festival Guy.

    Can’t hate on someone who is living their dream and giving back to the festival community. A great moment indeed.

  3. Yeah, I don’t think it was an ad as much as he was just sharing what he created. It felt a little insincere but basically the rest of his speech didn’t. I know I felt what he feels because I was not an ES&MZ fan before but now I am.

  4. The Lips married a couple before performing the most broken, energy-devoid, meandering set I’ve ever seen them play. I was devastated at their shoddy performance

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