5 Most Popular Necklace Designs for Women

Women like their accessories. It is part of their nature to look beautiful. When choosing jewelry, a lady may take hours to select the right kind for her. Among most women, a necklace is an essential piece. With a necklace, you do not need additional ornaments to complete your outfit. It showcases your style as well as your attention to fashion trends. There are different types of necklace designs available for women. The best designs are known. Here are five of the most popular.

Beaded Necklace

The beaded necklace is a classic piece. It has been a common jewelry item for centuries. A beaded necklace can be made up of glass beads, clay beads, crystal beads, coral beads, or crocheted seed beads. Most women prefer to wear this kind of necklace anytime, as long as it is paired with the right outfit. For instance, you can put it on with a blouse, a blazer, or a sweater. It all depends on the style and color of the necklace. Make sure to match it well with the shade of your attire. Also, select a good pair of heels. These always go well with beaded necklaces.

Collar Necklace

A collar necklace is an important piece to have. It is especially essential to those with slender frames. It accentuates the collar bone. When looking for the right collar necklace, select a pearl necklace. If you already have pearls, go for the Cleopatra design. This will always be a signature piece at any occasion. A Collar necklace can be matched with any outfit. However, more expensive pieces should be reserved for special events such as galas and weddings.

Princess Necklace

This is a must-have for any individual with love for beautiful jewels. The princess necklace is known for its multicolored gemstones that are appealing to the eye. You will always find someone donning this magnificent piece on a special occasion. It is simply breathtaking. Its gems gleam superbly under the light. It shows the essence of feminine beauty. When paired with a lovely dress or blazer, this piece is bound to catch every person’s attention in the room. If you are looking for a missing piece in your necklace collection, go for this jewel.

The Festoon Necklace

This is a traditional and more reserved piece. It has existed since ancient Greek times. It comprises gemstones held together by a chain. The gems are usually five on this necklace design. They are placed just at the front so that they rest well on your collar bone. The festoon necklace is a classic ornament. If you are looking to take yourself back to ancient times, look for one. Pair it with a cute casual top and hang out with friends. You can also wear it to work. It makes a grand statement.

The Single Strand Pendant

Any girl or woman will boast of a single strand pendant in their necklace collection. It is a simple necklace. It can be worn comfortably with a t-shirt, blouse, or sweater. It features a long gold or silver chain and a unique pendant at the front. You can customize your necklace based on its relevance to you. However, most people prefer to use universal symbols such as the heart, the coin, or an anchor. This kind of necklace is also easy to find at any jewelry store or mall. If you are looking to begin your necklace collection, this is the best way to start. Pick out one that complements your style. Better yet, get a pendant that has some sentimental value to you.

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