5 Go-to Websites For All Your Music Festival Fashion Needs

With the 2016 festival season approaching fast, its time to start coordinating what to wear! Admit it or not, many festival-goers pay more attention to the fashion than the music. Who can blame them, anyway? Music festivals are all about fun and self-expression—and so is fashion! It’s a match made in heaven.

The best part about any EDM event is putting together the perfect outfit. Whether you’re coordinating matching outfits with your friends, or simply trying to out-do everyone else, festivals are a magical place where you can truly get away with wearing (or not wearing) whatever your little heart desires.

Of course, no stylish outfit is complete without accessories! A pair of sunglasses, bandana, or wide-brimmed hat not only adds flare to your look, but also provides protection from the sun and other outdoor elements. It’s also a great idea to create custom lanyards for your festival access pass to match your overall aesthetic. You can create a unique design for yourself or make a batch for your whole squad!

If you’re tired of going to the same old stripper stores or having difficulty finding a place to buy festival clothing, then here are five go-to sites for festival wear. From tutu’s and LED shoes to pasties and speedos, these sites provide it all!

iHeart Raves

Festival Fashion
Photo via Facebook / I Heart Raves .com

As the world leader in festival fashion and accessories, iHeartRaves is the one-stop shop for dance apparel. With a variety of rave wear and accessories, iHeartRaves encourages fashionable free expression at electronic music events. By taking pride in their quality of service, products, and connections with customers, they strive to inspire individual creativity and expression through fashion at EDM events, festivals and beyond.

iHeartRaves provide wildly unique apparel by bringing in a mixture of products from brands they admire along with their own creations inspired by customers. You can find everything from men and women’s clothing to accessories and light toys. Whether you’re looking for highwaisted women’s shorts, men’s LED shirts, or backpacks and furry hoodies, iHeartRaves has it all.


Festival Fashion
Photo via Facebook / iEDM Generation

Find the perfect look, stand out and express yourself with iEDM. Founded in 2014 by a small group of EDM fans, iEDM has quickly catapulted to the forefront of the EDM fashion scene. As one of the largest and most innovative suppliers of EDM lifestyle and rave clothing, iEDM provides a specialized selection of all-over print items and LED gear.

iEDM sources only the highest quality products made in the United States and continually strives towards the cutting edge of fashion. They provide everything from men and women’s clothing to accessories and glow toys. With light-up fluffies, animal hoodies, flowlights, and space hoods, iEDM provides a unique variety of festival fashion that’s perfect for your next edm outing.

Rave Ready

festival fashion
Photo via Facebook / Rave Ready

Rave Ready provides customers with the largest selection of rave clothing, accessories and toys at the absolute lowest prices. By creating a bridge between artists, labels and fans, Rave Ready strives to introduce new clothing lines and sell merchandise generally unavailable or hard to sell by directing it to the proper fan. They pride themselves on stocking unique and hard to find clothing, fast shipping, super-low prices, and outstanding customer service.

Rave Ready offers everything from men and women’s clothing and accessories, to gloves and light toys. You can find everything from the top rave brands, including hoodies, underwear, costumes, fox tails, watches, wigs, and so much more.

Into The AM

festival fashion
Photo via Facebook / Into The AM

In 2012, Into the AM set out to treat clothing as a canvas by creating an inspired series of artistically driven designs. Great art requires a great canvas, which is why Into the AM makes each of their garments from premium fabrics printed with the highest quality inks. With some of the coolest designs around, Into the AM provides something unique and different from the rest.

Into the AM provides some of the most artistically designed clothing for both men and women. With a variety of colorful hoodies and leggings, light up shoes, headwear and accessories, you’ll find the most vibrant clothing around that’s perfect for any festival.

On Cue Apparel

festival fashion
Photo via Facebook / On Cue Apparel

On Cue Apparel offers all types of clothing in various neon colors everybody loves. Created by ravers and EDM nerds, On Cue Apparel strives to provide the best and most original party clothing for the EDM and Rave communities.

You’ll find everything from men and women’s clothing to Kandi masks and accessories, to light toys and diffraction glasses. With creative tee-shirt and tank top designs, psychedelic hoodies and onesies, and a spectacular selection of Kandi masks, On Cue Apparel has the perfect selection of festival attire for any event.

Final Pro Tip

When you know exactly where to look for great fashion finds, looking fabulous from head to toe becomes as easy as 1-2-3. A music festival is the perfect setting to put your creative style to the test. It blurs the line between trendy and wacky, so it leaves you with a lot of room for experimentation and exploration.

Remember, a good outfit only needs one or two statement pieces—the rest is for you to play with. Music festivals don’t happen every day, so it pays to mix, match, and step out of your comfort zone. In the end, it’s all about expressing yourself and feeling confident.

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