5 Artists That Every EDM Fan Should Experience In 2015

2015 is upon us and already there is news of fresh music and incredible tours being announced. With the top DJ’s from around the world set to kick off festival season soon, we have compiled a list of artists you absolutely need to see this year. Trust us: you will not regret it.

While this list is only a small sample of the highly talented EDM artists that create unforgettable experiences, these 5 EDM artists are a must see for any fan of electronic dance music.


5 Artists That Every EDM Fan Should Experience In 2015
Photo via Facebook/Deadmau5

The legendary Deadmau5: We all know and love him for his outspoken attitude and hilarious antics, but we instantly recognize his music. He announced in 2014 that he will be doing a multi-million dollar tour titled Entropy that will feature a 360-degree stage design.

Given that Bassnectar has done a wildly successful 360 tour, seeing Deadmau5 in such a setting could easily be the highlight of the year.

As we wait for more details regarding tour dates and locations, we hear news of a 20-minute live version of the classic track, “Strobe.” With all of this exciting news to look forward to, it is only a matter of time before Deadmau5 releases his tour information and we are finally able to experience Deadmau5 in 2015.


5 Artists That Every EDM Fan Should Experience In 2015
Photo via Facebook/Madeon

If you’ve never seen or heard of Madeon, you are in for quite a treat. His unique blend of French influences and electro-house brings a much-needed jolt to the house music culture.

He is younger than many producers, yet the incredible talent he possesses has enabled him to headline festivals such as Global Dance Festival and Decadence before even entering his second decade. All of this has been accomplished without release of a debut album. This is why the anticipation for Madeon in 2015 is at an all-time high.

He has finally announced his first album, Adventure, will be released early this year.

Jack Ü

5 Artists That Every EDM Fan Should Experience In 2015
Photo via Facebook/Jack U

The super-duo – Skrillex and Diplo – made headlines throughout 2014 with their incredible performances at Ultra, Hard Summer, and a New Years Eve party at the legendary Madison Square Garden.

The news only gets better as they have recently released the track-list for an upcoming “Mini-Album or EP” that is, as Skrillex put it, “due out sooner rather than later.”

There is even speculation of a track with vocals by Skrillex, harking back to his days as the vocalist for the band From First to Last. The news of an album from either Skrillex or Diplo has always been cause for celebration, but an album together…

Look out for this duo’s tour dates and a few major festival appearances as these two continue to support their highly successful and popular project, Jack Ü.

Above & Beyond

Above and Beyond
Photo via Facebook – Above & Beyond

The trio known as Above & Beyond, have captivated audiences for years with their emotional trance and family atmosphere. Their latest album, We Are All We Need, has seen an incredibly positive response since its release only a week ago. A tour for their new album is underway with stops all over the United States and Europe and even more to be announced.

Some stops along the way will include special guests from the Anjuna family such as Ilan Bluestone and others.

With the release of their album so early in the year, Above & Beyond should be touring for most of the festival season. Make sure you have the chance to see them at a festival or on their tour, as you will not be disappointed.


5 Artists That Every EDM Fan Should Experience In 2015
Photo via Facebook/ZHU

Artists in the music industry do not stay anonymous for long, especially when performing for thousands of people. ZHU managed to keep his identity a secret for most of 2014, as he preferred to be judged by his music alone. Let’s hope ZHU looks to keep the nature of his identity out of the spotlight and the attention focused on his music.

His first EP titled The Nightday was released in April of 2014 with his hit “Faded” becoming one of the most popular tracks of the year. Ironically, we may not see much of ZHU, but we will surely hear his handiwork.

Which EDM artists are you excited to see in the upcoming year?

Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know!

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