5 Clean Techno Artists from Around the World [Playlist]

From the Father of Techno, Perc to a Brixton favorite Ansome, we present to you techno artists from around the world. Get to know these artists, then listen to our carefully curated playlist. Let’s start off with Hironori Takahashi, a Kentucky raised farm boy turned techno DJ, no not really… Hironori has a strong presence in Japan’s scene.

A couple singles that drew us into Hironori Takahashi’s Tokyo techno are called ‘Circules’ and ‘Venatrias’.

Hironori Takahashi ‘Venatrias’: 

Next, feel Ansome’s surg, a Brixton favorite known around the globe.


Following, find yourself listening to a beloved Madrid artist known as Regal.

With exclusive singles like ‘Acid Is The Answer’ and ‘Send Nudes’, you will be hard pressed to find much of his material entirely available, so go catch him live. After digging through Regal‘s catalog we were able to find a full version of his, ‘Action’ to add to our playlist.

Listen to Regal’s ‘Action’:

Next we present some dark techno from Scutum Man out of a town called Galicia in Spain with his quick single ‘Bamboo Arp’.

Listen to Scutum Man’s ‘Bamboo Arp’:

Then we have the record Force/Emerge featuring piercing cuts like ‘Lumi’.

Listen to ‘Lumi’ (Inland Version):

Saving the man known by many as The Father of Techno for last is Perc.

Within our playlist you will find some of the Manchester native’s better known singles like ‘Leather & Lace’ and ‘Take Your Body Off’. First, plug into Perc‘s London Boiler Room set.

Now, listen into our playlist to feel Hironori Takahashi, Ansome, Regal, Scutum Man, and Perc’s music pumping through your body and soul.

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