4 Ways Firefly Music Festival Shapes the Music Scene

As the 2018 festival season is upon us, you might be eyeing several lineups and events. If you haven’t already locked in your ticket, we definitely recommend securing one for this year’s installment of Firefly Music Festival, set to take place June 14-17, in The Woodlands of Dover, Delaware. Firefly promises a ridiculously stacked lineup featuring our latest favorites like Martin Garrix, ODESZA, San Holo and older favorites like Jimmy Eat World and The Killers with the chance to campout surrounded by the serene, picturesque Woodlands.

With these 4 epic aspects of the event you will understand why Firefly Music Festival is a must-attend.

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1. With rare Treehouse Sessions, Firefly gives fans a chance to catch their favorite acts perform intimate sets.

photo credit Firefly

The festival includes its Treehouse Sessions to allow fans to watch performances by newer acts in a more personal way. Acoustic performances by bands, and toned down sets by other acts, have become fan favorites. Firefly continues to produce these low-key performances so that fans can connect on a deeper level with the musicians being featured.

2. Firefly consistently fosters a distinct sense of community.

photo credit Firefly Music Festival

Being that the festival is multi-genre, and conveniently located, Firefly draws in fans that possess diverse backgrounds, hometowns, and stories. Attendees feel comfortable, welcome, and at-home for an entire weekend, as they dance, sing and meet new friends out in the woods. As music worlds mingle, a lot more people get fully on board the electronic music train. Especially after an Eminem fav witnesses a performance by Odesza like their set in LA below…

3. Firefly Music Festival places an emphasis on serving up good eats.

photo credit Firefly

The festival has become renowned for its diverse food vendors. Foodies and food bloggers alike can indulge in spectacularly crafted cuisine. The team behind the event ensures that music fans can enjoy a little of everything: from tacos to stir-fry, and from smoothies to cocktails and margaritas, you’ll be set for the entire weekend. Take a peek at the phenomenal food lineup here.

4. There is a very legit on-site craft beer bar that features amazing selections.

The Brewery at Firefly

With its “one-of-a-kind” Firefly ale, and other assorted local brews, The Brewery has become a staple for many fans at Firefly. Produced by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, the beer bar is a perfect example of how the Firefly team intertwines a local experience with its massive, nationally-relevant festival.

Check out the epic Firefly Music Festival 2018 lineup below.

Firefly Music Festival 2018

Grab your tickets to Firefly Music Festival and stay tuned for more coverage.

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