3LAU & Said The Sky Drop a Hot & Brilliant Ballad, “Fire”

One of our favorite progressive house mavens on the rise in the recent decade released an outlier-type single with Said The Sky. What makes this track so special? In the world of EDM, we hardly access the magic and slow pace of ballads, but sometimes when the general style is embraced by somebody in the world of anything electronic, a certain symphonic effect can take place.

3LAU¬†managed to blow all of our expectations away by producing something that can be initially perceived of stripped down, but couldn’t stray more from the truth.

3LAU and Said The Sky‘s collaboration not only accesses very authentic and organic acoustic instrumentation, but includes a touch of 3LAU‘s more ambient drops.

3LAU & Said The Sky - Fire
3LAU & Said The Sky – Fire

Said The Sky‘s contribution is not to be missed; it is very clear that the piano riff as well as some of the more lighter melodies can be attributed to his usual style. This usual style of combining electronic influences with more acoustic shine along with 3LAU‘s ability to deliver an electronic style that deviates from the genre enough to shine, but doesn’t feel the need to lace his music from pretension.

With NEONHEART’s Christina O’Connor¬†tastefully-autotuned vocal path matched with a set of percussion to offset the guitar in the background from the very beginning, these respected artists are proving their worth by taking the genre to a lane that could be respected by non-dance music fans alike.

The ballad form surprisingly as well does not seem to push the buttons of those who prefer “harder” tracks in the genre: there is enough musical diversity in the track to satisfy those who need more complications in their penchant for music composition, but also provides a slight tribal percussion to keep it on track and inside the genre.

Listen to “Fire” below:

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