3LAU Just Raised Over $100,000 for Charity through his Music

Las Vegas-based DJ and producer 3LAU originally gained success through his mashups. After discovering electronic dance music at the age of 20, he decided to record mashups of pop songs seamlessly blended with electro-house songs. This led to his Dance Floor Filth  series which gained recognition from MTV and countless DJ’s.

While he buzzed around in the college scene through his mashups, he quickly rose to even more fame with the release of his originals “Escape” and “How You Love Me”. As of this year, his sound has seen a fundamental shift from his progressive house sound he was known for earlier.

We sat down with 3LAU before his set at Imagine Music Festival in Atlanta to discuss his new music and how he has raised almost $100,000 for charity through his music.

3LAU Interview with thatDROP at Imagine Music Festival
3LAU Interview with thatDROP at Imagine Music Festival

He spoke to us about his single “Is It Love” and how it marked an important point in his career. Originally known for his progressive and electro house style, this new track follows a much more deep-house inspired soundscape. Following in a similar suit is his remix of Seven Lions‘ “Coming Home” and his newest remix of Ariana Grande‘s “Into You”.

The Ariana remix is his favorite one he’s done and states that it really honed in on the sound he was going for. It was set to be his next original but when he sent it to Ariana and her team, they loved it and within 24 hours it was approved. After that, it received over 1 million streams in a week.

Check out the thatDROP’s Exlusive 3LAU Interview below:

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Listen to 3LAU’s remix of Ariana Grande’s “Into You” below:

His philanthropic label Blume and his work for charities such as Pencils of Promise are changing the game.

Blume Logo
Blume Logo

Proving that the power of dance music knows no bounds are 3LAU‘s charitable contributions. Back in 2012 he began to donate to Pencils of Promise based on the proceedings from his singles on Beatport and his tour. Before “Is It Love” was released, he raise $100,000 and is on the way to raising another $100,000 based on “Is It Love” alone.

To explain it simply, every $1 fans spend on sales and streams will go directly to Pencils of Promise to build schools for those in need.

3LAU states that education is the cause of many global misfortunes and that with proper education, comes great results to which we couldn’t agree more.

Watch 3LAU’s First School with Pencipls of Promise (2013) below:

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