3LAU Shows That Achieving Your Dreams Is Possible

3lau experience dream create
3LAU performs on the Kinetic Field at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas.

After realizing his dream of producing electronic dance music in 2011, Justin Blau buckled down and laid out the blueprint to his success.

As he started to gain notoriety with his mashups “Girls Who Save The World” and “All Night Long,” 3LAU has continued to put the full court press on mastering his craft. It wasn’t without paying his dues. Countless hours spent refining his skills and hustling at local venues while enrolled in school were just a few variables of his formula for success.

After a few short years and productions, including his recent hit “Vikings” with Botnek on Dim Mak Records, 3LAU accomplished his ultimate goal of performing at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas.

While extensive marketing budgets can provide a fast track to recognition, 3LAU put in sweat the entire way to the top.

3lau experience dream create
“The day that I could play EDC would be the day that I knew I made the right decision with my life.” – Justin Blau

Experience. Dream. Create.

In the below video, 3LAU recounts his journey and the feeling of elation upon finally reaching the pinnacle.

About two years ago I was a fan at EDC and the experience left me inspired to one day play the festival. After those three days, I confirmed that EDC was the apex goal of my career.

The day that I could play EDC would be the day that I knew I made the right decision with my life; to drop out of school to pursue music.

So it took two years of busting my ass to perfect my craft, to get here, playing the main stage in my hometown of Vegas. To me, EDC stands for Experience, Dream, Create; because that was the process that led me to where I am today.

This message is a reminder that anyone can achieve their dreams. It will not be easy; but if you use your time wisely and inject passion into all that you do, there is nothing that can prevent you from getting to where you want to be.

Justin 3LAU represents everything that is right with dance music. With so much accomplished in such little time, we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for the young producer.

Just remember, the cumulative effect of moving an inch a day for 30 years is far greater than moving a few feet every once in a while.

Watch 3LAU’s Electric Daisy Carnival Recap below.

A Rory Kramer Vision.

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