3 Portuguese DJs to Welcome into your Household

Portugal is home to one of the best EDM scenes in Europe. With a number of amazing clubs and festivals there will be something for everyone in this exciting scene. It seems like there is new talent popping up every day. Any Portuguese DJ that wants to make a name for himself has to do the rounds in the Lisbon club scene. To experience the Portuguese electronic music scene you should definitely put Boom Festival on your bucket list.

Start exploring more Portuguese DJs by enjoying our pick of the litter.

Boom Festival 2018 by ÇAĞDAŞ ALAGÖZ
Boom Festival photo credit Jakob Kolar Photography

1. Roundhouse Kick

Roundhouse Kick

Igor Inacio and Adriana Lourinho combine to make Roundhouse Kick. This duo has made an underground name for themselves in the Portuguese house and techno circuit. They put on a powerful live show and are masters of their equipment. They have had many hits of more than ten years and continue to pump out hits.

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Their song ‘Acid Life’ is a melodic techno track with subtle yet intense drums.

It’s like a slow burn. It sneaks up on you. No aggressive drop needed for this track to get in. It feels abstract. Like something you don’t understand but you also somehow do.

Now listen to their techno set at Friday Happiness 26.

2. DJ Overule

DJ Overule

Portuguese DJ and Producer DJ Overule is a staple of the Portuguese EDM scene. He has been a part of the scene for more than a decade. He has toured throughout Europe, Northern Africa, and the United States. His concerts and ability to read a crowd are amazing and he is well versed in many genres including Hip Hop, Rnb, Reggae / Dancehall, Trap / Twerk, Dubstep, Drum & Bass. DJ Overule has teamed up with Mello to make an absolute banger. Perfect for any club, party or workout playlist.

DJ Overrule x Mello “Balik”

Listen to Dj Overule x Mello’s “Balik”:

Also, enjoy his music video for his mega-hit “Take It All” featuring Zak Downtown.

3. Kura

Vote for KURA

The Lisbon EDM scene wouldn’t be what it is today without Kura. He has made a truly impressive name for himself in a short amount of time. Getting his start by spinning at a skate shop he worked at he made the leap to a semi-international name. His fast-paced upbeat songs will get any club in the world dancing.

His aggressive house style is showcased in the song “Tora” and “Favela” on Spinnin’ Records. “Tora” is paired with a one of a kind music video worth a watch and listen. The drums will shake a room and the infectious vocals will make even people that don’t speak Portuguese try to sing along.

Listen to KURA’s “TORA”:

Listen to KURA’s “Favela” (feat. MC K9):