3 Musicians You Didn’t Know that Suffer from Anemia

Miles Davis photo credit Wikipedia

We often see people who are famous and think that they have perfect lives with no problems. We often forget that musicians and actors and actresses have real lives away from their fame and some of them have real problems too.

Anemia is one of the most common blood disorders in the world. Over 3 million Americans suffer from anemia according to the American Society of Hematology.

Keep reading to discover more about anemia and to find out about what famous musicians suffer from the blood disorder.

What is Anemia?

Anemia is where you don’t have enough red blood cells or hemoglobin in your blood. Red blood cells carry hemoglobin, which is an iron-rich protein that attaches to oxygen in your lungs and carries it to the tissues throughout your body.

You can be diagnosed with anemia by doing a simple blood test at your doctors. For men, if you have less than 13.5 gm/dl hemoglobin then you are anemic. For women, if you have less than 12.0 gm/dl hemoglobin then you are anemic.

Common symptoms of anemia include weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness, fast or irregular heartbeat, headaches, pounding in your ears, having cold feet or hands, having pale or yellow skin, and experiencing chest pains.

If you experience any of these symptoms and believe that you might be anemic, then you should go to your doctor so they can do the necessary tests.

It is believed that people who suffer from anemia lack enough iron, so try boosting your iron intake by taking iron supplements.

Musicians with Anemia

Throughout history there have been numerous musicians who have suffered from, or do suffer with anemia. But despite their blood disorder they have still managed to live a normal life and succeed in their music careers.

Miles Davis

Famous jazz musician, Miles Davis, was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. At first he experienced mild symptoms of the condition which didn’t affect his daily life, but as time went on the condition became more severe, which caused Davis arthritis pain in his joints.

Selena Gomez

Famous pop singer, Selena Gomez suffers from anemia. Due to health reasons, Gomez has had to take breaks away from the stage. One time the singer even had to cancel a performance because she was too exhausted.

Gomez is diagnosed with anemia and lupus, but even so she doesn’t let her conditions slow her down or stop her from doing the things she loves most. So it just goes to show how with the right treatment and determination you don’t need to let your health negatively impact your life.

Krystal Jung

K-pop star Krystal Jung launched her entertainment career in 2009 when she was the lead vocalist of the girl pop group f(x). Later she took up some acting roles in TV series, such as My Lovely Girl.

But despite all her success and her fans, Jung has previously worried people about her health. Jung has taken on extensive hours on sets and tours and some people think that she might be anemic because she has collapsed and fainted before during performance. Whatever, the reason we hope Jung is getting the help she needs.

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