20 Facts About The Bassrush BassPOD That You Should Know

One of Insomniac’s most extravagantly curated experiences is Bassrush, largely thanks to the bassPOD. The massive structure has been a staple for EDC Las Vegas. Now since the bassPOD has become a valuable part of our lives, it is time to get to know it better. For starters, the stage was designed by Heather Shaw and her Vita Motus team.

Heather explains the manifestation of the bassPOD:

The audience is one that has extreme passion for bass music and I love that the bassPOD can create an enveloping home to experience the music. We envisioned this particular design as a clan of robots that came down to earth to join us and surround us while we carry out our ritual event.

Here are 20 facts about the bassPOD that you should know.

Listen to Flux Pavilion’s remix of ‘We Come One’ while you learn the facts:

The bassPOD is one stage of EDC Las Vegas, imagine what else there is to explore.

I look forward to seeing you guys getting down by the bassPOD this year and being mesmerized by everything else Insomniac dreams into fruition for Electric Daisy Carnival 2017. Also, if you are in or around Arizona this May, be a part of the Bassrush Massive experience with Flux Pavilion and Adventure Club at the Rawhide Event Center in Phoenix.

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