| May 17, 2017

Music festivals are a place of freedom to wear whatever you want, however you want. You can express that inner being that may not get out in everyday life. You can unleash your spirit animal, wear rainbows of your favorite colors, and don’t forget the glitter!

Electric Daisy Carnival has been in the game since the early 90s, giving it significance in the evolution of festival fashion and ravewear.

Here are 10 outfits that show off new age styles, and also the creative, spiritual, and fun-loving side that you can’t always project in “real life.”

1. Dazzling Dimensions Crop Top and Shorts

Dress out of this world with stardust of your favorite colors. This dazzling pair go great with leg wraps, boots, fluffies, and your most comfortable rave shoes. Throw the crop top on with almost any solid color bottoms for a more casual look, which is good for an everyday style. The cosmic view is hypnotizing.

2. Pizza Taco Cat Tank and Pizza Joggers


Who doesn’t like tacos, pizza, and kitties? It’s three of the best things life has to offer in one! The only downside, it may make others hungry, but don’t worry. EDC will have pizza and tacos to accommodate.

3. Barbed Wire Webbed Back Top and Scrunch Back Shorts 

The Vegas heat is no joke, so you’ll want to stay cool and look hot. The webbing gives it more than just the basics, but leaves room to accessorize with fluffies, leg wraps, cat ears, or fuzzy antennas.

 4. Party Heart Tank Top and Light Up Diffraction Glasses


Get your PLUR on and spread the love and light with iEDM’s Party Heart Tank. The Diffraction glasses give you more than double the show, and are also customizable. So, if you decide to wear them with a different color scheme, you can choose from over 20 frames and 6 wire colors.

5. Dyed Doodles Crop Top and Shorts

Floral design and bright colors are a perfect match for The Electric Daisy Carnival. The color scheme makes it easy to accessorize. White, pink, blue, purple, and even green fluffies, leg wraps, and flower crowns are all a yes for this lovely pair. Look festive and show off your EDC bod you’ve been working for. 

6. Cool Cat Tank and Huboptic Mask


Black and white are always a go-to because anyone and everyone can pull it off, but these designs are for the coolest of the cats. iEDM has enough kitty gear to have your entire festy fam decked out. Gangster cat and his kitty squad will take over EDC in this dope duo. Add some glow with a light up mask or some LED toys.

7. Metatronic Tank and Chrome Spike Goggles


Show off your sacred side with this geometric map of infinite creation. Keep your vibes high and your eyes shaded. During the day, these goggles are the best spectacles, and can even protect your eyes from dust storms. But let’s be real, they are mostly for letting your steampunk side shine.

8. Lush Galaxy Tank and Shorts


This is perfect for the mind-blowing, interstellar experience that Vegas has to offer you, and it’s light to keep you cool during the summer days. You won’t just want to wear this to the festival either. It’s colorful enough to keep people gazing but calm enough to wear for everyday events like shopping, or school.

9. Cat Hero Tank and Joansam 7 Color LED Sneakers


Electrify your style. You can’t go wrong with cats and pretty lights. If you are a shuffler, these shoes are for you! With 7 different color settings, it’s like having a different pair of shoes for every day of the week. Don’t worry, the material will keep your feet cozy and comfy so that you can dance non stop.

10. Owl Language Tank and Joggers


You are sure to find owls at any Insomniac event. This colorful pair are perfect for not only EDC, but also Nocturnal Wonderland or Electric Forest. Express your inner night owl and rave until that EDC sunrise. Purchase your tickets to EDC Las Vegas by clicking here.

Don’t forget to accessorize with your favorite Kandi, flower crowns, LED jewelry, glow sticks, and your favorite flow toys. EDC is a place for self-expression so don’t be afraid to dress as a clown, a butterfly, or whatever your heart desires. Check out the iEDM EDC Collection HERE for more ideas for your perfect EDC outfit! 

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