10 Best Recent Releases from Ultra Music [Playlist]

We are still glowing from Ultra Music Festival’s 20th anniversary, where over 165,000 unique fans united to soak up the most crisp sounds in electronic music. While some of us weren’t able to witness the magic in person, that didn’t stop the pure elation from traveling light speed. An estimated 14.1 million eyes throughout 60 countries around the world streamed the festivities. Ultra’s 20th anniversary signified a true milestone, now being the longest running music festival in the country.

Now that Ultra Music Festival has come and gone, its now to to shine light on the rising talent Ultra Music records has to offer.

photo via Ultra Music Festival

We feel honored to premier some recent released Ultra Music sounds by Tyron Hapi & Liam FerrariAire Atlantica, L C A WMSTR RogersTep No, No Method and Sofi Tukker.

Tyron Hapi and Liam Ferrari are coming in with full force and soul with their release ‘I Like The Way’. These Australian up-comers combined their file styles to make the ultimate single that will prepare you for all the summer festivities. Ferrari’s smooth vocals touching on Hapi’s soft piano and the steady calypso beat makes us all feel sun-kissed.

Enjoy the music video for Tyron Hapi and Liam Ferrari’s ‘I Like The Way’.

Next, take notice when the revered producer and songwriter, Jarrad Rogers (aka MSTR Rogers), collaborates with vocalist, Erik Hassle, on his new single ‘Wild One’. Joined by a tasteful video, the new release is packed with Erik Hassle’s soulful vocals, delicate soft synths, and overall futuristic and poppy infused sounds that are sure to have every listener completely enamored.

Enjoy the music video for MSTR ROGERS ‘Wild One’.

Now, plug into our playlist of recently released music from Ultra Music.

photo via Ultra Music Festival

Thanks Miami for streaming and hosting this event all these years. Check out the catalog of HD quality sets from Ultra this year and make sure to watch the festival’s documentary.

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