Excision Deploys a Hazardous Bass Canyon Lineup for The Gorge

Bass Canyon Music Festival is basically Lost Lakes Music Festival 2.0. After experiencing such a thrill from the wild success that Lost Lakes turned out to be last year, Excision has taken his new love of curating festivals to the next level with Another One.

If you’re a basshead, I cannot think of a better way to end the Summer, rather than head banging with the homies at legendary venue The Gorge at Excision’s new camping festival: Bass Canyon.

Excision’s hand picked BASS CANYON lineup for The Gorge: WARNING Ear Drums at Risk – Send Neckbraces!

Excision Music Festival Bass Canyon
With so much heat on this lineup, we only find it appropriate to turn up Excision’s ‘Virus’ “STANDING IN THE FIRE!”

Following up on the massive success of 2017’s debut Lost Lands Festival in Ohio, Excision didn’t waste any time bringing his newfound love for throwing festivals to the west coast with Bass Canyon. On March 15, 2018, Bass Canyon was unveiled: 3 days of camping at The Gorge in Washington, one of the most beautiful venues in North America, and a hand curated lineup of today’s top Dubstep artists from around the world.
Excision has partnered with The Gorge Amphitheatre and Live Nation to bring the best festival experience possible to a venue that is no stranger to events of this scale. While Excision brings the music, The Paradox stage production, PK sound and theming, he has entrusted The Gorge and Live Nation staff to deliver an incredible festival and camping experience.
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A true festival for the fans, Bass Canyon is set to be an unforgettable weekend of bass music, vibes and headbanging alongside the awesome Pacific Northwest Bass music community. For Excision, this will be something of a hometown festival, as The Gorge not too far from his home in Kelowna, BC. The reunion vibes will be felt when all his closest friends and family arrive in tow. We encourage all of you to treat it the same, and reunite your tribes for this massive celebration of bass! For tickets, camping and information visit www.basscanyon.com

“Stoked to announce the inaugural Bass Canyon Festival on Aug 24-26 at The Gorge Amphitheatre, one of the most beautiful venues in the world!!” – Excision

In addition to this epic lineup, Excision is bringing The Paradox stage production like you’ve never seen it before.

Hand designed by Excision and known for being one of the most hypnotic and surreal stage experiences in the world, Bass Canyon will see The Paradox in its ultimate form.

The Paradox stage at the Gorge will feature:

  • 500k watts of PK bass
  • 20 top-of-the-line Kvant Lasers
  • Hundreds of moving lights and strobes controlled by the best lighting designers in the industry
  • And so much more!

Excision Tour dates, tickets, and merch available at www.excision.ca.

Let’s just recap what Excision brought to Lost Lands to give you an even better picture of what to look forward to…

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