Similar to Daft Punk‘s classic album “Discovery”, Yung Bae masterfully creates music using the pure fun and joy that was in disco, funk, and early house music.

Immediately, Yung Bae grabs your attention with his explosive cut up intro. Nile Rodgers/Le Chic style guitars wah back and forth with pure funk-style bass lines. Vibrantly warm horns, and cut up vocals help create Yung Bae‘s sonic landscape. The first verse, “if I had a magic wand” takes the established groove and starts putting the disco into the song.

“I Want Cha Back” is perfect for any party, and is ready for the sunny summer days.

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As it begins to form a normal pop-song structure, the chorus is what really puts the body into motion.

“I Want Cha Back!” sings the vocals in harmony, with percussive horns, a slapping bass line, and wide drums. The song then goes back to the instrumental style from the beginning before slipping into the bridge section. The bridge section of the song hinges on higher vocals that are softer, and less instrumentation underneath.

The groove slips from a more syncopated sound to something easier to four-to-the-floor style of rhythm. After the singer sings “I’ll find a way” in the bridge section, the drum fill of the toms then splashes down to the groovy chorus again.

Similar to all classic disco songs, and those from the pure vinyl era, the song ends with a traditional volume fade out. The fade out allows the classic vinyl pop/fizzle at the end to be highlighted. It immediately transports you to the dance scene from the likes of the legendary club Studio 54.

Listen to and grab “I Want Cha Back” below:

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