Yellow Claw Releases Pop Dance Tune “Both Of Us”

On November 23, 2017, Amsterdam duo Yellow Claw, known by friends as Jim Aasgier and Nizzle, released a Pop Dance tune “Both Of Us” featuring vocalist STORi. This song differs from their typical bass heavy tracks as it consists of more of a Pop vibe with pleasing vocals.

yellow claw

Yellow Claw released a Pop Dance track called “Both Of Us” featuring STORi.

This infectious duo is back! “Both Of Us” follows the success of their sophomore album “Los Amsterdam” which was released early in 2017. This song demonstrates their talent switching it up from what fans have been used to in their production. “Both Of Us” has mesmerizing vocals by female singer STORi. This gorgeous creation is a rhythmic tune that is driven by their high octane sounds followed by a large drop. This track is sure to end up on radio stations worldwide.

Press play and listen to “Both Of Us” by Yellow Claw:

I’ve been waiting for your comeback like the summer
That kind of weather just brings me back to you
Mmm, you the type of love I just can’t get a hold of
Say the word and I’ll be racin’ back to you, you…

Catch them at their next show here.

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