Yellow Claw Drops Amsterdam Trap Music Volume 2 EP

Amsterdam’s trap trio Yellow Claw finally release the follow up to their Amsterdam Trap Music EP, which debuted last year. The four-track EP intends to push the series forward with some heavy hitters that’ll definitely be echoing throughout the festival circuit this summer.

“Techno”, which is a collaboration with Diplo & LNY TNZ, features vocals from rapper Waka Flocka Flame and really kickstarts Amsterdam Trap Music Vol.2 into overdrive. “Dancehall Soldier” is a massive smasher that gets twisted with vocals from Beenie Man, while “Kaolo Pt. 2” is the instrumental continuation of the previous volume’s first track.

“Never Dies”, featuring Lil Eddie, closes out the EP, signifying that Yellow Claw are a force not to be reckoned with, for this only the beginning for them. Get your trap on this Tuesday and purchase Amsterdam Trap Music Vol.2 on iTunes and Beatport.

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Yellow claw
Photo via Yellow Claw

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