WVLF Redefines the Mura Masa Classic “Tough On You”

WVLF takes Mura Masa‘s classic song “Tough On You” on a wild journey.

Starting with exotic pan flutes and streams of water, he takes each section of the song to a new place.

Mura Masa - Tough On You (WVLF Flip)
Mura Masa – Tough On You (WVLF Flip)

When the build up ends, the drop takes an unexpected far left. Instead of an explosive, wobbly, headache inducing drop, he gently transitions to a fun, bright, hip-hop styled section.

Similar to Tennyson, Nosaj Thing, and other contemporaries, this section bubbles along fairly smoothly. He gives us another build up at the end of this section but it is noticeably different.

Just when you think you understand where he is leading us, that final drop scorches the air from the speakers.

The drop is heavy and explosive. Immediately it feels like a VibeSquad/Two Fingers/PANTyRAID/ZOMBY track.

Ditching the vibe put together through the entire track, he electrocutes the song with a heavy wobbling bass that takes over the whole track. He successfully plays the listener the whole time, and what a journey are we taken on throughout the track.

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