Why You Should Give David Guetta Another Chance

After what had seemed like forever, many of us reunited under the electric sky for Electric Daisy Carnival New York 2016, which took place the weekend of May 14th-15th. While the festival brought all that it promised us headliners in full, with insane production, an insane lineup, and lot of great memories, we also received a few surprises, too, particularly from David Guetta.

Guetta is, as most of us know, one of the artists who has helped facilitate the rise in popularity of electronic dance music, and still contributes to its current mainstream appeal.

What you might not know is that he made what was essentially a comeback on the breezy, final night of the music festival.

Yeswe are still talking about David Guetta. While it might appear hard to believe at first glance, we weren’t alone in our positive perceptions of his set. If anything, this might be one of those “you just had to be there” moments.

EDC New York 2016 – Photo via Facebook

One fan was not even intentionally in the crowd: she was only searching for her rave fam, and, surely, we know this struggle all too well. She noted that Guetta had some “crazy drops” and admitted that she had to stop her search for a minute, and get funky. Another avid raver mentioned that he loved the set so much that he recorded nearly half of it.

You might wonder, what in the world could make any set that great?

Aside from over-the-top production, the music was certainly the main attraction for many of us. Guetta played a few of his original tracks like “Bad”, and had nearly everyone in the crowd roaring along, dancing their hearts out, and getting a little more wild than usual at each drop.

Of course, he dropped a lot of the usual tunes, too, making sure to play songs like “How Deep is Your Love” and “Love Is Gone”, which nonetheless got the crowd moving.

David Guetta in Vegas
David Guetta at Wynn Las Vegas – Photo via Facebook

More interestingly, his own song “Titanium” seemed to have a comeback of its own.

As the beginning notes began to blare, followed by Sia’s awesome vocals, everyone seemed very much captivated. As the song built up, and reached the powerful chorus, it was almost indescribable to see everyone belting along to the lyrics, and to be there shouting along.

While the song itself is honestly an established gem, it was more notable to see everyone so supportive of an artist that seems to – more often than less – not be taken too seriously. It just might be time to reconsider.

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