Why You Should Bring Flowers on a First Date

The first date is an extremely important stage of dating a guy and a girl. Further relationships largely depend on the first impression. The mood of a lady on a date depends on the little things, so the bouquet must be chosen especially carefully. Going to the flower shop is now completely optional. You can order flower delivery service. Therefore, the question of where to buy is now irrelevant. Let’s move on.

Is it necessary to give flowers on the first date?

Many men consider flowers an obsolete gesture and decide not to give them. However, according to the rules of etiquette, it is necessary to present a bouquet. The reputation of a man depends on this. The right flowers help make the right first impression. The absence of a bouquet can offend a girl. She might think that the guy:

  • ill-mannered;
  • greedy and economical;
  • doesn’t want a relationship.

All this does not conducive to the development of relations. If you like a girl, you should definitely buy flowers online. Otherwise, the next meeting will not take place. Every girl is pleased to receive a beautiful bouquet.

Some guys prefer to give flowers not at the beginning of a date, as is customary, but at the end. To implement the original idea, you can pre-order the same day delivery of flowers to her home – the girl will be pleased to receive such an unexpected gift, reflecting the sympathy of her companion.

What bouquet to give: Important rules

  • On the first date you should not present red flowers. They symbolize passion and love. It is better to choose white and pink tones.
  • It is better not to give flowers with a strong aroma. Many girls do not like lilies and lilies of the valley. You can give them only if the lady told about her preferences in advance.
  • The bouquet must contain an odd number of flowers. You can give 1 or 3 flowers, but not 2 or 4.
  • Do not give massive bouquets. Carrying such a composition in the hands causes inconvenience.
  • It is better not to give a bouquet in silence. You must say a phrase, for example “This is for you.”
  • It is necessary to find out in advance if the girl is allergic to pollen. Sometimes the reactions are very severe, and instead of a date the lady goes to the hospital.
  • It’s best to find out the girl’s favorite flowers in advance and go on a date with them. This will be to your advantage, as you listened to her preferences.

What flowers to give a girl on a first date

Roses. Royal flowers are most often chosen for a first date because they symbolize romantic feelings. Florists especially liked peony roses which look great in volumetric compositions and miniature bouquets.

Peonies. Lush inflorescences with a charming aroma will be a great alternative to roses, especially if the date is scheduled for a warm spring evening. Having decided to purchase such an “airy” bouquet, you can unobtrusively tell about your sympathy.

Tulips. If you don’t know what flowers to give on a first date, pay attention to romantic tulips – they are a symbol of purity and happiness. In addition to the classic pink version, you can choose purple or lavender inflorescences.

Hyacinths. A small bouquet of these charming flowers will help the guy express the joy of the meeting, talk about sympathy. “Rain Flower” is beautiful in all color options, but pink or lilac shades will be the most appropriate for a date.

There are many shops offering flowers delivery. However, the product is not always of high quality. A bouquet of stale flowers can ruin your date. Therefore, you need to order it from trusted sellers. These are present in the Myglobalflowers online store.

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