Why EDM is About More Than Pressing Play

I cannot count the times that I have been told electronic dance music is just robot music or that spending my resources on music festivals is a waste.

Who in their right mind would spend money to just watch a DJ press play?

If only I had a nickel for every time I was posed that question.

what electronic dance music means to me
EDM is about more than just pressing play.

For those people who are the non-believers, I say give it a chance and immerse yourself in the experience. Let the music speak. Electronic dance music is continuously drawing in more and more souls and touching hearts of those who savor the rhythms of life. There is something undeniable that exists in the composition of EDM, making our hair stand up and allowing us to fall in love with a moment. DJs are artists who concoct melodies and beats and rhythms that give off a small sliver of what they feel, or what they want us to feel. Even those that might be simply “pressing play” serve as a conduit to transmit the energy from the producer to the crowd, calling forth emotions and sensations that are more passionately magnified than in most every day settings.

A painter can pick up a brush and create a divine work of art and be glorified for all eternity.  This concept works the same with any musician or profession for that matter. So back when Eric Prydz sat down and took M83’s “Midnight City” and remixed it to a fast paced club banger, it was really taking emotion from one song (of an outside genre) and turning it into something totally new and profound within the electronic genre that has gone on to withstand the test of time.

Recreating new music and giving new life to a track can change someones life.

These songs have served as the soundtrack of our generation, narrating music festivals, car rides, summer nights, homework sessions and much, much more. When we come together in celebration at events like Ultra Music Festival or Electric Daisy Carnival, it is about the community and experiencing sounds that will remain nostalgic. Sure, some “DJs” might have pre-recorded sets as opposed to others like Carl Cox, Maceo Plex, Loco Dice who absolutely throw down and put in work from start to finish, but we cannot discount the emotions felt by thousands of electronic dance music fans. Even if they do not fully understand what they are witnessing, they definitely know what they are feeling.

While you may not agree with it, it is undoubtedly about a little bit more than just pressing “play”.

photo credit: Leandro Godoi – Fotografia via photopin cc
photo credit: NRK P3 via photopin cc

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