Why Donald Glover is One of the Best Performers Alive, and Why We Can’t Lose Childish Gambino?

When growing up, we all hoped to become someone famous someday, and same to the kids and students in schools today. However, when we talk of a writer, comedian, songwriter, singer, creator, actor, director, rapper and producer, you’ll be forgiven to think that we are referring to career aspirations of some students in universities or colleges. They are all professions of one, Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino.

And you know what? Almost everyone has connected with him in one way or another. Perhaps his fingerprints are on some of the songs you like playing at home or in your car. Or maybe you have benefited from his work to the community. Donald Glover is among the best performers living today. Why is it so? Let’s find out.

A little side note before we proceed. Students who want to get high grades should look closer at some of Glover’s plays and films. That is because what he creates (or help others create) can make you look at the common things from an absolutely different viewpoint. However, if you don’t have time for it, you can seek help from online assignments for students, and you’ll be sure to get a good grade.

1. Rising to Stardom

While in college study, it was clear that Don Glover, as he was commonly known was to become an artist. But nobody thought he would be among the best performers in the world. When Glover hit 23 years, Tina Fey hired him as a writer after being recommended to him by Derrick Comedy. Glover worked as an executive story editor on comedy show 30 Rock where he edited 22 episodes and wrote 2 episodes. Glover did some background roles on this comedy show. He worked there for three years after which he joined Community.

2. How his Popularity Skyrocketed

In the Community, he featured in 5 seasons out of the 6, as Troy Barnes, a secondary school sportsman. His relationship with Abed made the show’s killer combo. They were rated as the best community characters. It was also at this time that Glover became a comedian. He presented Comedy Central for 30 minutes in 2010. In 2012 he was given one-hour special known as Donald Glover Weirdo. However, he didn’t do any other comedy after that.

3. Leaving Community

Halfway through season five, in 2013, he left Community which its creator, Dan Harmon described as its total death. He continued featuring episodes such as Sesame Street. Here he developed a guitar and featured as a stripper in Magic Mike XXL, The Martian and many other voicing roles such as Adventure Time, and Ultimate Spider-Man.

4. Launching Atlanta

Gambino has produced 3 studio albums, 2 EPs and 7 mixtapes. These add up to 11 music videos and 8 singles.

5. Gambino Releases

He produced 5 mixtapes in a period of three years from 2008. He later on, in 2011, launched his very first EP which presented his current hit song known as “Freaks and Greeks.”  He then produced an album called Camp. It presented “Heartbeat” and “Bonfire” singles.

In 2012 Gambino launched a mixtape called ROYALTY which was followed in December 2013 by Because the Internet. This album made people realize that Gambino was a talented and serious artist. It got 2 Grammy nominations. It also released three singles namely “Crawl,” “Sweatpants” and “3005,”

Clapping for the wrong reason is a short cinema which accompanied Because the Internet together with a seventy-three-page screenplay. They were all written by Gambino. The screenplay was supposed to be cited along with album music. It was also designed to introduce the main character, the boy.

His creativity did not end at Gambino; in 2014, he was featured as Kauai. Now Kauai presented the ‘Sober” a popular single, and also “Pop Thieves (make it feel Good).” In 2016 he produced another album called Awaken My Love. Actually, his fans viewed it as a change of direction on his part. “Me and Your mama” singles led the album. Redbone was position 27 on Australian charts and number 5 in 2016’s Tripple J’s. Australian students are among his greatest fans. Gambino is the author of and producer of “This is America,” which people regard as the best social commentary ever released.

6. Awards

Glover has several awards in his name. Some of them are shared with other artists, which is also a credit on his part showing his achievements for that period. Some of his awards include:

Five Writers Guild O America Awards, which he won for Atlanta and 30 Rock, PGA, Critics Choice, MTV Movie and a Golden Globe Awards.

Looking at what Glover as himself and as Childish Gambino has been able to achieve, you can’t avoid thinking that there is much more success awaiting ahead of him. His success means a lot to the Americans and has a positive impact on black Americans. He’s placed in a position where he can speak for the lowly and those facing discrimination, through his songs and films such as This is America.  Then how can we afford to lose such a person, Childish Gambino, aka Donald Glover? Now you know why we can’t.