What is the Best Way to Buy Festival Tickets?

It’s hard to forget the pandemic and its effects on society, as everyone was stuck at home, isolated from their friends. We learned some big lessons then, and the most important is that nothing should be taken for granted. Now that life has returned to normal, live events like music festivals are soaring, and everyone is excited to attend them. And it’s easy to understand why – festivals are a fantastic way to share your love for music with others, as you have lots of fun and create lasting memories.

But unfortunately, seeing your favorite artist perform isn’t easy to achieve, as the tickets can be pretty expensive, making them unaffordable for some fans. The demand is so high that tickets are sold out quickly, leaving fans disappointed. And while resale tickets may seem like their only saving grace, that’s not really the case, as they have exorbitant prices compared to the original ones. As shown by ExpressVPN, fans could pay more than 2,000% to get them. Unfortunately, ticket scalping is an ongoing issue regarding live events, making it unfair to fans who can’t buy tickets at their initial value.

An increased number of scalpers purchase tickets only to resell them at a higher price, resulting in a higher demand for a festival and, thus, higher event prices. This results in a vicious cycle, as the high-ticket prices draw more scalpers to the market, leaving fans with no other option than paying a lot for tickets that could have been bought at a reasonable price. For instance, tickets for Coldplay’s Music of Spheres world tour are increasing by 904% – which is very steep. While die-hard fans would pay a huge amount to see their beloved artists live, the admission price impedes the average fan.

Festival ticket scams are on the rise

It’s a fan’s biggest dream to attend a music festival and catch their favorite artists over multiple days, so it’s common for them to grow impatient and be worried that they may not get the tickets. Unfortunately, scammers are well aware of this behavior and never hesitate to take advantage of it. According to reports, festival scams have increased by 128% in the past year, resulting in considerable losses for victims.

The enthusiasm and often the sense of urgency that fans display creates the perfect opportunity for scammers to sell fake or no tickets. For instance, they may trick you into sending cash through a bank transfer and disappear when the payment is completed, leaving you with no money or ticket. It’s important not to let your excitement cloud your judgment when looking for festival tickets and buying only from reputable platforms. That will help you ensure that you’re getting legitimate tickets.

How to boost your chances of getting festival tickets

The idea of attending a festival is exciting – until you have to buy the tickets, as this is rather stressful. There’s a high chance you won’t get them since many other fans also try their best to do the same. So, is there anything you can do to change that, or should you just give up on your dream? Lucky for you, we have some tips that will help you get those festival tickets – and stay safe while doing so.

Sign up for presales

This is VERY important, as it can considerably increase your chances of getting the tickets. Artists usually have a website where fans can sign up for pre-sale alerts and get notified when tickets are in sale. This is a great way to ensure you’ll be among the first to get the tickets. Just remember to sign up for pre-sales as soon as possible – otherwise, you may miss out, as they have a specific date and time when you can obtain the presale passwords and links.

Fill in payment details in advance

Many retailers enable you to create an account and fill in payment details before the ticket sale, saving you time, as you’ll only have to add your card details when trying to get the tickets. Hence, consider choosing a retailer and signing up for it to make the process smoother.

Be prepared for the big day

Every ticket sale is a great competition, so it’s common for the website to crash – which is really one of the most disappointing and annoying things that could happen to you as a fan. On Ticketmaster, there’s a waiting line, and you can’t refresh as that would mean losing your place in the line. That is why you should use more devices, like your smartphone, tablet, and laptop, and access the website from all of them. That will boost your chances of getting your ticket before they all get sold.

Buy your ticket from a reputable retailer

As mentioned, there is a high risk of fraud when purchasing festival tickets, so it’s imperative to stick to trustworthy websites. This way, you’ll reduce your chances of falling victim to a scam. You can check customer reviews and refund policies to ensure the retailer offers secure payment methods.

Avoid unrealistic deals

You should always ensure the deal you get is realistic – if some offers seem too good to be true, they probably are. Scammers often prey on people’s emotions, but you shouldn’t take the bait only because you are excited and would do anything to get the tickets. Suppose someone contacts you and says they want to sell you a ticket. If the price is too low, this should ring an alarm bell – a scammer is probably targeting you.

Last words

Festivals are amazing – they bring people together and are a great way to forget about the day-to-day worries and get the reset you need. There’s something special about singing and dancing in a crowd that cannot be put into words. However, getting tickets for a music festival can be incredibly challenging, as you could get scammed and pay a higher price than expected. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try getting a ticket anymore. Simple tricks like signing up for presales and purchasing tickets from a trustworthy platform will improve your chances of attending your favorite festival and enjoying some great live music.

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