Wehbba Layers Techno Over Joyce Muniz’s Promiscuous House Track

Based out of Barcelona, underground DJ, Wehbba, takes his spin at Joyce Muniz‘s track, ‘Sleepless’. The slow build in ‘Sleepless’ melds into a familiar knocking beat that gets layered with promiscuous lyrics and uptempo samples that will make you shuffle. Keep an ear out for whispers of this track all over the scene.

Wehbba adds his techno prowess to Joyce Muniz’s ‘Sleepless’ that’ll throw you into a trance.

Wehbba’s remix of Joyce Muniz’s ‘Sleepless’

Wehbba was just featured on ‘Underground Sounds of Brazil’ hosted by Pioneer DJ Radio and a few compilations with respected labels such as, Bedrock, Tronic Music and Knee Deep In Sound. Joyce is from “the city of music” Vienna, Austria. She made a lot of noise with her break out house track, ‘Back In The Days‘, featuring Bam.

Listen to Wehbba’s remix of ‘Sleepless’ by Joyce Muniz below:

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