Walker & Royce Start New Chapter Along Just What The World Needs Tour

It was during Sonic Bloom 2018 at the Hummingbird Stage when it hit my ears for the first time, ‘Take Me To Your Leader’, Walker & Royce‘s lead single off their debut album, Self Help. It was a shinning moment buried in 4-days of music that opened bass head’s eyes to the stimulating trip tech house can take us down.

Fast-forward to 2023 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, Walker & Royce headlined what was quite possibly the best show that auditorium has ever scene, capping off the sold-out event with that all-time great. It’s funny how hearing a song at different points in your life can bring such heavy perspective.

Walker & Royce at Shine Auditorium

Joining the Crosstown Rebels and Dirtybird favorites along their Just What The World Needs Tour, were more dance music favorites mindchatter, VNSSA and OMNOM who helped pack the house and made for a truly a paramount event. While Walker & Royce ended with a classic, their set, bumping to the 6,300 attendees, showcased a progressive sound that they are continuing to roll out since their latest Dirtybird release, ‘Feel The Vibe’ and two massive debut records for their own imprint, Rules Don’t Apply, in collaboration with mindchatter and VNSSA. This show seemed to mark a new chapter for Walker & Royce.

Walker & Royce shared about their California run, “we want to thank everyone that came to our sold out shows at the Midway and the Shrine this past weekend! This tour has more than we could’ve imagined and it has us feeling all the feels. Not sure if it’s what the world needed but it’s definitely what we did! Big ups to all the artists and everyone VNSSA, mindchatter, Black V Neck, OMNOM, Kyle Kinch and AMPRS&ND.

Walker & Royce at Shrine Auditorium
Walker & Royce at Shrine Auditorium

The night marked a milestone for VNSSA as she shared her introspective from the night, “this one is for the day one’s. The one’s that came to see me at empty clubs at 9pm. The one’s that believed in me from the beginning. Even the one’s that didn’t know if this DJ thing was gonna work out but still encouraged me to go after it. The one’s that came early and stayed late. The one’s that gave me pep talks and told me not to be nervous. I’m so thankful to have you all in my life. Thank you for the continuous support, encouragement, and love I’d be nothing with out you.

VNSSA at Shrine Auditorium
VNSSA at Shrine Auditorium

In awe and appreciation admits his set, OMNOM shared, “13 Years ago I was sitting right over there, it was my first EDM show I ever I have ever been to. It was Tiësto at the Shine in 2009.  Now I am up here probably ruining someone’s first EDM show they ever been to.”  Going on to share after the show, “We love a “full circle” moment! I still can’t believe how many of you showed up for my set at The Shrine! Thank you Walker and Royce so much for allowing me to be a part of your big night, and thank you to all who came out to dance under the disco shark with us.”

OMNOM at Shrine Auditorium
OMNOM at Shrine Auditorium

New York’s mindchatter impressed by dropping unreleased tracks that showcased his exploratory and driving sound that remarkably spoke to his name and undoubtable the dance floor, leaving us with the realization, “ah, that’s why he’s called mindchatter.”

mindchatter at Shrine Auditorium

Sam and Gavin’s US tour wraps up in Texas this weekend with Black V Neck at Stereo Live in Dallas and Houston.  As a tribute to the night and memorable tour, we leave you with thatDROP selects from the artists that made Walker & Royce’s Just What The World Needs Tour, statistically what the world needed.

Walker & Royce US Tour

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