Vin Diesel Debuts Dance Music Career with Kygo Collaboration

2020 has been a year chalked full of nonstop surprises! One of the year’s biggest surprises is Vin Diesel’s emergence onto the EDM scene. His illustrious acting career has helped him gain worldwide stardom and has made his move into music triumphet.

Very little was known about Vin’s musical career prior to this year, and his raspy, soulful voice has certainly been a pleasant surprise to new listeners. Let’s take a deep dive into his two recent releases, “Feel Like I Do” and “Days Are Gone“, to see what fresh spin he is bringing to the industry. His debut single “Feel Like I Do” featuring KYGO was released on September 26th, proving the homie knows whats up.

In a recent interview done by People Magazine Vin Stated:

“Something about 2020 led me to this tropical house, feel good-style of music. “Feel Like I Do”, at its core, is a positive message, and “Days Are Gone'” is a song that I think everybody can identify with in some way. It reminisces about life when it was a little bit more carefree than it is today.”

His second single, “Days Are Gone“, was released a little over two weeks ago and is equally as good as his debut song. It’s a true house track that does a great job of showing off Vin’s unique deep tone. The song takes you on a journey back through childhood when life was a simpler time.

The direction Vin is taking with this feel-good style of music is exactly what people need in today’s world and well worth following.

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