VEIL Unravels Her Latest Deep Single: Dark Matter

As a follow up to her WAKAAN release, the Exoplanet EP with NotLö, VEIL returns with “Dark Matter”. Traversing through the darkest depths of sound, “Dark Matter” returns to dubstep’s deep roots through heavy, reverberating bass drones. VEIL shows her prowess as a producer as one of the forefronts of experimental bass. The namesake track starts with dreamy spoken word muddled in rhythm and groggy synths and lays the listener to gently drown within the machinations of VEIL’s sound design.

Cred. James Coletta

“Dark Matter cannot be observed, however it is said to be the concrete holding our protons and nuclei together, granting us the ability to be humans in the human body. It is said to be critical to the evolution of our universe, the emergence of stars, planets, and even life itself. It does not reflect, absorb, or emit light or energy – and we only know it exists because of the effect it has on objects that we can observe. It slows down the expansion of our universe, quite literally holding us all together like an attractive force.

I’ve always been perplexed by the larger questions around the universe, dark matter, black holes, galaxies, etc. It helps to bring peace and perspective to my human endeavors. I hope pondering this invisible, yet essential composition of particles a bit with some heavy bass may bring you as much curiosity, perspective, and gratitude as it brought me. I hope it can be a reminder that we are all connected and to be kind to each other and the universe!” – VEIL

Cred. Optimystic Group

Recently wrapping up her tour with Liquid Stranger‘s ‘B A L A N C E’ tour and LSDREAM’s ‘PEACE LOVE & WUBZ’ tour, VEIL played a densely packed set at Okeechobee and at Vegas’ Area 15, appearing along side CloZee at the ‘We’re All Mad Here’ show. That just scratches the surface for what VEIL has planned this year and she has a calendar full of shows.

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