Vanic Connects with Bryce Fox for 2020 Anthem, ‘Sick of It’

Creativity and collaboration rose to new highs in 2020. So many artists have been cooped up for months in their houses and, in that time, have made some truly memorable songs that have certainly helped people get through these challenging times. A recent collab titled “Sick of it” released by Vanic and Bryce Fox pretty much sums up the world’s opinion of this year. I think we are all pretty sick of it!

Sick Of It” is a ballot for all those people who are tired of the situation they are stuck in and need to make a change. It’s for all those people who are at the end of the line and need to make that drastic jump into something new. One of the best feelings is listening to a song that makes you feel that drive inside of you, that for many this year has been lacking. This song delivers on that level and makes you want to move forward and forget the past.

Bryce Fox is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana, who currently resides in Los, Angeles. Fox has a punk, soulful voice that is similar to Walk the Moon and Sam Harris of X Ambassadors. Prior to ‘Sick of It’, one of his more successful dance music hits includes a collaboration with Win and Woo, ‘Chicago’,

His debut single “Burn Fast” was released in 2016, followed by the release of his 7 song EP titled “Heaven On Hold” that came out in late 2017.

The EP documents his first years in LA and is a great listen for any young person itching to get away from home. Bryces most recent release titled “Bodies” came out in March of this year and showed why so many artists are going to want to work with him in the years to come.

Vanic, whose real name is Jesse Hughes, is a Canadian Dj based out of Westminster, British Columbia. Vanic came onto the scene in the early 2010s with some insanely creative remixes that helped him establish a style in the industry. His remix of 2012’s “Skinny Love” by Birdy is a true EDM masterpiece that brings a ton of emotion with every listen.

The original song is so beautiful, and Vanic does an amazing job of staying true to the style and delivering and equally masterful piece. In 2017 he released his first single, “Samurai” and followed up with his first charting track titled “Too Soon” which peaked at 40 on Billboard. Vanic looks to continue with a fantastic year and continue with the success he has already found.

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