Valoramous Brings Us to the Promise Land with Ben DeHan and Redd’s Dedd

Valoramous stays hot in the studio with a peak-time indie dance music remix of Ben DeHans ‘Woke Up’ for his most recent offering.  The track denotes closing one dull, unexciting chapter of life, and moving to a new, passionate chapter of life (without looking back and without regrets).  For Ben, the summation of the track is as follows, ”I spent a decade trying to give up on everything I loved. I put my dreams in a bottle and prayed that time would wash away the pain.”
Valoramous shares, “This lyrical quote represents Ben DeHan’s phase of life after he shelved his original artist project and band, “American Diary,” and pursued a corporate career for ten years.  These lyrics immediately resonated with me (as the remix artist) because I recollected that I recently closed an old chapter of my life as well — in pursuit of a DJ/Producer career.”
Ben DeHan – Woke Up (Valoramous Remix)
“The message behind the lyrics is really unique,” says Valoramous, “It’s talking about moving from one phase to the next. Every time I listen to the original track and while I was creating the remix I was getting more and more into it, so I think there’s definitely something special there.”

Valoramous’ remix of Ben DeHan’s ‘Woke Up’ comes on the heels of his collaboration with singer/songwriter Redd’s Dedd, ‘Blow Up The Room’. Playing with head steaming synths, quenching vocals and rolling bass, ‘Blow Up The Room’ is a true big room anthem that will pull you into to the promise land.

Valoramous Blow Up The Room (feat. Redd’s Dedd)

Redd’s Dedd is a Midwest sad boy artist, heavily influenced by 2000’s pop-punk and today’s synth driven sounds. He takes real life struggle into his music and hopes speaking openly and positively will bring mental health awareness and a cathartic experience for the listener.

Ben DeHan
Redd’s Dedd

You can read our recent interview with Valoramous where he shares about his new EP, ‘Amnesia’ with synth-pop powerhouse, The Safety Word that garnered remix attention from a bunch of house producers from Australia.


The deep house version by Eckul will certainly catch your ear.  Keep up with Valoramous’ elevating productions that are covering the right pockets of dance music.

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