480Voltz Parts the Clouds with Uplifting Trance Release ‘Drive’ [Interview]

The sophomore release by 480Voltz shows a doctorate level of precision and execution. Rolling at the perfect BPM for uplifting trance with playful melodies, ‘Drive’ is an elevating easy-listen with a dose of psy-trance and dynamics to keep the extended mix fully alive throughout the journey.  A smooth addition to any high-energy set and for DJs to keep up their sleeve to break into the morning light and offer hope.

480Voltz shares on the message of ‘Drive’, “The song is about having an idea, goal, or dream, and going out and making it happen.”

480Voltz ‘Drive’

Alongside the tasteful release we reached out for an interview to catch 480Voltz at the ground floor of his trance project.


Going through your catalog, you are coming from a background of video game rock remixes under 480 Rock and your initial 480Voltz releases.  How do you feel your sound has developed from when you initially started producing? 

I’d like to think it’s gotten better.  I used to try to produce Trance/Dance music years ago with amateur software, and it of course sounded horrible.  But over the last year I really started investing in proper plugins and began experimenting with sound design and compression.  Obviously it’s an ongoing journey but hopefully I’m getting somewhere.

Who are some techno or trance DJs that have inspired you?

Giuseppe Ottaviani is one of the first producers to really jump out and inspire.  As I continue to study this music others pop out as well, the obvious ones being Armin Van Buuren and Paul Van Dyk.  As of late, I’ve really started listening to a lot of tracks by Ferry Tayle.  Every time I listen to one of his tracks I feel like he perfectly captures the soul of Trance.

How would you describe the journey of your new single ‘Drive’?

I have plans for a full-length album in the future, and one of the tracks is called ‘The Garden’.  It’s about everything being in perfect balance.  The idea popped into my head almost a year ago, and I sat down at the piano and started playing through chords until I’d come up with something that I thought fit that feeling.  I think I’d even come up with the lead melody which on the piano sounded sweet and soft.  As I started putting pieces together the track started to shape quite a bit differently than what I’d intended.  Towards the end of production I realized that this was far too energetic to be suited for ‘The Garden’.  So I put the project on hold, and built a new track from the ground up. 

I was able to mold the new track into what I’d initially envisioned for ‘The Garden’, and after some months I went back at the first track, the one I’d put on hold, and focused on finishing that. It felt very driving to me, which led me to the obvious title ‘Drive’.  Then I asked what ‘Drive’ might mean?  I kept coming back to the feeling of motivation and initiative.  That’s what the track is basically meant to represent.

What are 5 tracks you find at the forefront of electronic music? 

If you’re asking my personal favorites, I’d have to say ‘Vona’ and ‘Fremont’, both by Ferry Tayle, ‘Let the Light Shine In – 12”’, a old classic by Darren Tate and Jono Grant. ‘For an Angel’, by Paul Van Dyk, and ‘Magico’, by Armin Van Buuren and Giuseppe Ottaviani, two of my favorite producers.

What initially drew you over to electronic music and the rave culture? 

Growing up as a kid in the 90’s, you were going to run into techno at some point or another, whether it be in commercials or video games.  I fell in love with the beats at once.  About fourteen years ago I started searching for electronic and techno music on the radio, which led me to Trance music.  I found myself captivated by the melodic and ethereal breakdowns, the tension-filled builds, and the climactic drops.  After listening to enough of it I thought “Yeah, I think I can do that.”

What is one advancement you would like to see in society?  

I think it’s important for people to realize that just because someone else does not agree with your opinion does not make them your enemy.  We can disagree and still work together.  That’s actually the only way society can advance, different and opposing opinions and methods coming together and finding common ground, and then building on that common ground.  Cutting someone out of your life entirely simply because they don’t think the same way you do is extremely toxic and immature.  It also shows a lack of self-confidence and security.  If you truly believe what you believe then you shouldn’t feel threatened by an opposing view, nor should you be afraid to have a discussion with someone with an opposing view.

What is one motto or philosophy you like to live by? 

I’m a Christian so I will die on this hill: Jesus is the Way, the Truth, the Life.  I’m not going to start preaching here, that’s all I’ll say about that.

What are you excited about in the coming week, month and rest of year? 

Listening to and making new music.


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