Topline Vocalist Anya Ray Makes his Debut with a Warm Electro Pop Single, ‘We Must Survive’

Top line vocalist Anya Ray out of Toronto, Canada emerges into the EDM scene with a passionate debut dance music single. Deriving from European techno and house roots with a touch of pop, Ray is garnering international attention with ‘We Must Survive’. Due to Ray’s song writing skills, vocal abilities and the music production mastery of KLAAS (whose credits include Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Guru Josh Project and Stromae), this uplifting single is quickly coming into the spotlight. 

Put your hands in the air and give into the feels while moving to Anya Ray’s debut single, ‘We Must Survive’.

‘We Must Survive’ is warm and highly relatable as the message is about sticking with someone through the tough times. As the lyrics about relationship struggles pull on your heartstrings, the melodic and club-ready beat bring your spirits up and empowers you to endure. You can really feel Ray’s compassionate heart pounding through this track, as he leaves it all in the studio for us to appreciate, reminding us that love wins.

Listen to and download for free Anya Ray’s ‘We Must Survive’:

After obtaining his Masters degree and CPA license, Ray embarked on his musical journey as a singer for EDM.

Anya Ray

Anya Ray (Born Raymond Anya) is a Canadian-Cameroonian EDM and dance pop music artist who grew up between two music worlds. On one side was his family’s strong ties to folk music and the other, his passion for electronic dance music. You can find his folk influence through the personal narratives about love in life in his music. His electronic side shines through the magical dance music melodies that accompany his strong and soulful vocals.  

Prior to releasing ‘We Must Survive’ in October, Ray fine tuned his song writing through underground performances. Now, Anya Ray is becoming a household name after getting recognition from major outlets such as EDM star, EDM Source and Club Dance Mix. We look forward to his next emotive single, ‘Rain On Me’ that is expected to hit the airwaves in December. Keep up with him on his social media handles linked below. 


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