Top 5 Upcoming Musical Festivals for 2020

Tourists often combine their journeys with attendance of one-day concerts. But summer festivals are something different and incredible. These events usually bring together the best performers on the planet. Festivals try to become better each year, that is why they want to invite the best artists and collaborate with well-known brands like Coca Cola, Apple, EssayService Company, etc.

In a couple of days, you can charge up positive energy for the whole year. But what concert would be better to visit in this year? Let’s see which ones you should pay attention to right away.

5 Best Musical Festival to Visit in 2020

To avoid the use of unreasonable phrases like “the best festivals”, we have compiled the rating of musical events by popularity among the public, by the number of visitors who rush from all over the world for their favorite bands. But the largest festivals not always have the best quality. And the level of the event can be assessed by its participants.


26.06 — 28.06.2020

Music events of this scale are held in a few places in the world. In Europe, the Donauinselfest open-air festival is considered to be the largest – it receives about 3 million visitors annually. Pop and rock, alternative and indie, punk and hip-hop have been played on its venues for 35 years.

For three days, all cultural life in Vienna is transferred to Donauinsel. Plays, concerts, and performances are held at various venues in the Austrian capital. Vienna’s city center is connected to the island by ferry.

Headliners of the event will be announced only in April. In 2019 the public received a list with Alice Merton, Mando Diao, Tocotronic and many others.


5.08 — 11.08.2020

Budapest meets music fans at SZIGET FESTIVAL in late summer. SZIGET has been held for 25 years and has won the hearts of millions of fans. At different times, the headliners were: David Bowie, Iggy Pop, The Gang, Boney M, The Prodigy, Snow Patrol, Placebo, Offspring.

Every summer, an island in Budapest becomes a kingdom of freedom, music, and fun for a week. The huge camping site welcomes fans from all over the world. You can stay in your tents (free of charge if you have a ticket) or in paid theme campsites.

SZIGET FESTIVAL takes 5th place among the biggest music events in the world. More than 500,000 people come to SZIGET every year. Tickets are already on sale on the official website. Tickets cost from €299 for 7 days.


24.06-28.06 2020

Glastonbury Festival – offers various genres from rock and pop music to house and techno. The music lovers from all over the world have been flocking to Somerset for 30 years. In 2019, the Glastonbury welcomed 200,000 spectators every day. The first Glastonbury event was held the day after Jimi Hendrix died in 1970.

Over the years on the famous stage “Pyramid” performed legends of different styles of music: Arctic Monkeys, Rolling Stones, Kanye West, Radiohead. The headliners of the festival in 2020 will be Diana Ross and Paul McCartney.

Stroll through Shangri-La, the festival’s nightlife district, and enter a themed world full of spectacular theatrical action voiced by the best and underground names in electronic music. The Circus and Cabaret Grounds are venues for circus artists and the best comedians in the country. 


3.06 — 7.06.2020

Primavera Sound has long been considered the benchmark for urban music events. Primavera Sound refers to those musical events that are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. Annually, the festival attracts up to 200,000 visitors.

The Primavera Sound was born in Barcelona in 2000 and is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2020. During this time, many great names have been heard on its stages. Kendrick Lamar, Neil Young, Pet Shop Boys, Pavement, Echo & The Bunnymen, Public Enemy, Grinderman, Franz Ferdinand, Phoenix are just some of the musicians who participate in the festival to this day.

In 2020, Primavera Sound in Barcelona will be held from 3 to 7 June. This is a great opportunity to plan your trip to the coast of Spain with great music. Tickets for the event are already on sale on the official website. Tickets cost from €180 for 5 days.


17.07-19.07, 24.07-26.07.2020

This large-scale festival of electronic music has become a global phenomenon not only in Europe but also worldwide. 75,000 people from more than 75 countries gather in Belgium to meet again with their favorite music.

The two weekends of July are spent at DreamVille, the huge camping site of the Tomorrowland. DremVille is 35km from Brussels. Special shuttles welcome guests at Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

Tomorrowland and DreamVille are both easily accessible by train. Festival provides additional (overnight) trains between Antwerpen-Centraal and Boom stations and back. A free shuttle will take you from Boom to DreamVille. On 18.01.20 Tomorrowland 2020 starts selling tickets. Tickets starting at €249.

Final Words

Music festivals for lovers of different genres are held all over the world. The modern festival industry is now valued at USD 3 billion and is not going to stop there. New events are constantly being born, and the existing ones are becoming more and more diverse. Pick up a music event and bravely buy a ticket because this can make your holiday unforgettable.

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