Beginning her public career in 2015, REZZ has soared to regular event billings with her style of electronic madness; beginning her short-but-storied discography with an emphasis on bass and digital percussion, her present day contributions and stylings derive from heavy melodic inspirations mixed with her keen ear for sick beats, all the same.

Before REZZ in Chandler, Arizona on March 8th presented by Relentless Beats, check out this list below of REZZ selects, spanning from the beginning to present day of her musical journey.

REZZ at Rawhide Event Center Chandler, Arizona

5. “Gremlin”

Five years ago in 2014, Rezz shared her first track and gave the Soundcloud world a glimpse of what is to come. With minimalist progressive house elements, “Gremlin” is a divergent from what her catalog would evolve into. The grime-y and mechanical synth work backs the calming-yet-frenetic digital percussion that would fit splendidly in some local town’s club Goth Night. While not as melodically focused as her future work, “Gremlin” is an interesting dip into progressive, and sometimes acerbically pure house vibes.

4. “Negative”

After spending two years investigating the darker sounds mentioned above, “Negative” marks the point in her catalog when the melodic influences began to take hold. Marking the year of 2016 when Progressive House reigned king and began to become more melodic, the heavy focus on what seems like a digital sitar combines with Mid East harmonies before divulging into that dark, deep-toned bass we heard in her past tracks. As the cymbals back this brooding, ear-splitting bass, the sitar repeatedly moves in and out with spurts of melody.

3. Melancholy (with Laura Brehm)

This collaboration between REZZ and popular Monstercat collaborator Laura Brehm off of the Something Wrong Here EP  released in 2016 on mau5trap  mixes the smooth-as-vanilla styled vocals to a calming acoustic guitar and REZZ’s interpretation of repeating chords and intense, fast-paced percussion. Calmer and more central with its theme than her past work, REZZ lets the lyrics and vocals take over while utilizing the underlying instrumentals to compliment the main melody. Although pop in nature, this surprisingly infectious contribution to her catalog still retains a smidgen of the grit she was once known for.

2. “Livid”

Straight off of her 2017 Mass Manipulation debut full-length LP (also released on Mau5Trap), REZZ revisits those grittier sounds of the past, but this time mashing it with some urban, classic production stylings along the way. The classically-introduced drop than evolves into an automatic-repeating melody carrying the heavier percussion to the next level using the power of dark and dirty synth work. The simple markers of the melody in-between the drops have more musical suspense than in the past few tracks, and resembles the culmination of what her catalog would evolve into by present day. “Livid” is a dark-yet-fun track at heart, but stays true to its grit with its more complicated elements.

1. “Spider On The Moon”

Closing out the list with an odd solo-selection from 2018’s sophomore album, Certain Kind of Magic, REZZ goes back to simple principles and slightly Trip Hop interludes reminiscent of Zero 7‘s early work and Sia‘s second Trip-Hop laden album, Healing Is Difficult. Even on an album smacked with collaborations, “Spider On The Moon” reflects an electronic elegance that sums up the current state of her career pretty well — she can still pump out these chilled-out percussion heavy jams, but still has the capacity to pull off diverse melodic executions other artists fail to reach. As the haunting horror-movie-esque strings build up to one of the later drops, “Spider On The Moon” brings the illusion, magic, and mystery elements the album seeks to capture.

Join us to experience, Check out REZZ lighting up Chandler, Arizona on March 8th at the Rawhide Event Center, hosted by Relentless Beats.

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