The Ultimate Rave Supplement You Need To Try For Your Next Music Festival

Looking for the best rave supplement to enhance your experience and help you bounce back faster after music festivals?

As someone who has been in the music festival scene for a number of years, I have seen all of the changes that have accompanied it, the good as well as the not so good. As EDM music continues to become more and more mainstream, we will continue to see a huge influx of new people who are curious about what these massive, weekend long music festivals entail.

Personally I love to see the growth of this amazing community, and I for one am happy to do my part in ensuring the PLUR values remain strong as this scene, that was once considered cultural taboo, becomes the cultural norm.

One thing that I am massively passionate about is harm prevention and education. I have had two instances where someone has collapsed in my arms and nearly died, and countless additional incidents that I have seen as a bystander. And while music festivals have the potential to be absolutely incredible & life changing if done the right way, there’s also a lot of factors that can put someone’s health at risk.

Between the sleep deprivation, physical exhaustion from dancing in the hot sun for hours on end, lack of proper hydration/nutrient intake, and any extracurriculars that individual might be indulging in… music festivals have the potential to really take a toll on your physical and mental health.

I say this as someone who has experienced both sides of what music festivals have to offer, and I believe it’s incredibly important that we work to educate the newer generation of ravers coming into the scene on how to get the most out of the experience, but do so in a healthy & safe way.

I am an advocate for free choice, so I don’t believe that coming down on people is the right strategy to fix this growing risk. Rather, we should be communicating openly and sharing products/information that actually helps people reduce their risk at festivals, so they can come home better than they showed up.

Best Rave Supplement

One of the newest products to hit the scene is a company called Raveraide. Now before you write this company off as just another post rave 5-HTP pill, know that there is so much more that makes this company unlike anything I have seen in my five years of music festival attendance.

5-HTP pills have been around since the early 2010’s and while there is a lot of backing to support their benefit for post rave recovery, there is also an increased risk for what is called Serotonin Syndrome. 

In my personal experience, I have seen so much misinformation around people using 5-HTP prior to events and during events. With there being any sort of potential increased risk of Serotonin Syndrome, there is no good reason to be taking it prior to.

With that being said, Raveraide is a new company that blasted onto the scene in 2020 and has already made a huge impact in the community. Before trying the product I was slightly skeptical as I haven’t had the greatest success with other festival supplement brands. But after thoroughly researching the ingredients, and seeing that there are nearly 15 efficaciously dosed active ingredients including:

  • Proprietary Cell Salt Blend for hydration
  • Nootropics for non-stimulative mental clarity, anxiety reduction, and neuroprotection
  • Magnesium for muscle relaxation
  • Glutamine for muscle recovery
  • And a Full Vitamin Spectrum & Immune Support Blend for reducing your likelihood of getting sick after festivals..

I knew that I had to try this product out. In all of my years of festival attendance and supplement use, I’ve yet to see a more comprehensive product that covers really every single need to feel awesome during a festival, as well as afterwards to bounce back quickly. If you want to learn more about exactly what’s in this blend, check out this article on the 13 Rave Recovery Ingredients Inside Raveraide That Help You Bounce Back Fast.

Once I received the product, I was blown away with the overall presentation. The bags, the sticks, and the formulation itself are incredibly detailed and you can see that not a single corner has been cut. I later found out that the bags are actually the same kind of smell proof bags that you would get from a dispensary. After speaking to Tyler Hardie, CEO of Raveraide he stated, “We did this because as we are in the pursuit of full sustainability with our product, and as more and more people are now drinking Raveraide, we wanted to create extra utility with our bags so they’d be less likely to end up in a landfill. We know that our community would reuse the bags if they were high quality.”

Next came the true test… How did Raveraide stack up to companies like Liquid IV, LMNT, and others? Well after testing the product in a number of different settings, I am pleased to write that this product is undoubtedly better than anything else that I have ever tried. The smoothness, the authenticity of the flavors, and the fact that there is no salty taste was huge for me, especially considering the fact that Raveraide has nearly TWICE the amount of electrolyte cell salts per serving than Liquid IV. I can’t tell you how many people I know who don’t use other hydration sticks because they taste like pure salt, but I was happy to find that this was not an issue at all with this product. As far as flavors, Raveraide currently has their Lemonade (Made with real lemon essential oil) and Super Berry (Acai, Blue Berry, and Elderberry Extracts) with a couple other flavors currently in the works.

One thing I noticed that really stands out to me is the fact that Raveraide does not use any Natural Flavors/Artificial Flavors/Sweeteners/Dyes. In my interview with Hardie, he goes on to say that, “The reason we opted to not use natural flavors with our products is because there’s a serious lack of clarity around what ingredients actually make up that flavoring. Everyone thinks if they see natural flavors on a label, then it means it must be 100% natural.. But that’s actually not the case.

The truth is, food manufacturers can include all sorts of synthetic solvents, carriers, and preservatives in these flavors, and they can all be hidden under the umbrella term of “Natural Flavors”. We wanted to provide as much transparency to our customers as possible, which is why we chose to only use real fruit extracts with our product.”

Another amazing thing about Raveraide is that they use only 2 grams of Organic Coconut sugar in each stick. I have so many friends that complain that the sugar content in other hydration sticks is too high, with brands like Liquid IV using 11 grams of sugar in some of their products. When interviewing Hardie he said, “We wanted to have a product that is as diabetic-friendly as possible, and doesn’t cause a huge spike in blood sugar every time you drink it. We are currently working on a sugar-free & coconut-free version so that we can also serve our community members who have nut allergies. Our intention is to have a product that literally every human on this planet can safely use.”

Upon asking Hardie why he created the company, he went on to share what had happened with a close friend a few years prior, and what motivated him to develop a product that would help to reduce harm in the community. “We were at EDC in 2019 and my friend and I were at the final set of the weekend at 5 AM on Sunday morning. We were at the rail at the Bass Pod stage, wrapping up an amazing weekend. My friend was right next to me, and one moment I was looking at the screen, the next I looked over and she was gone. I turned around to find her on the ground having a seizure with her feet up in the air. Everyone in the crowd stood there in a panic as I got down to help her. She was convulsing for over a minute straight, and in situations like that you realize just how fragile life really is. You don’t think that these experiences will ever happen to people you know, until it does. Luckily she finally stopped seizing, we were able to get her proper medical attention, and she made a full recovery. I realized how lucky we were that day, and that things could have easily gone in a really terrible direction. When I left EDC that year, I asked what the purpose of that event was and what I could do to help prevent this from happening to other people in the community. Almost exactly one year later the idea for Raveraide was born. Our mission is to reduce the risk of medical related incidents way before they arise, and we feel that we have created not only the best supplement in the EDM community, but also the best nootropic infused hydration stick on the planet. Our true mission beyond risk mitigation is for people to use our products and the education we put out on our platforms so they can achieve higher levels of health & consciousness in their own lives. There’s so much potential that exists within every one of us, and I want to help do my part in providing the tools & resources necessary to help you tap into that potential. This is what I believe will make a positive lasting impact on the world.”

Like I mentioned earlier, there is much more than meets the eye with this company. The mission goes so much deeper than the product, and I could not be more of an advocate for this wonderful team and company. After seeing all of the intention and thought they have put into their products and mission, I can confidently say that this is the company that the raving community has desperately needed for years. The products are incredible, they really do give me a level of mental clarity and overall wellness that has improved not only my festival experience, but the overall quality of my life. I drink Raveraide on a daily basis when I work out or go to yoga, and it is something that I share with all of my friends and family. Be sure to check them out at or give them a follow on Instagram @raveraide.

This post was all about the best rave supplement you need to try for your next music festival.

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