There are several very notable global party brands but none quite like Fraga, Spain born elrow. Since 1870, their ‘let artists be artists’ attitude and immersive experience makes their events well worth the trip. Luckily, they consistently throw parties all around the world, so chances are there will be an event near you soon. Up until the end of 2018, elrow events are hosted on several continents.

In December alone, elrow stops in Uruguay, Miami, Brazil, Chile, China, Australia, UK, and Dubai.

photo credit elrow

The wildly immersive experience makes elrow super unique, but the best part of these parties is the music. With their music first morals, the team find DJs spinning the finest house, techno, tech house and deep house. Enjoy a discography of some latest releases and sets from around the globe.

Mendo ‘I Need It’ released on elrow music

Baum @ elrow in Mar del Plata, Argentina

Sets from recents elrow installments:

The family has been throwing some of the best parties in the world for over 100 years. Starting as a bar in the Spanish town of Fraga they have spent the last hundred years making their parties a truly unique experience. Eventually relocating their headquarters to the now notorious party island Ibiza, creating some of the most legendary parties and festivals in the world.

This documentary gives an interesting background of the company and the family.

Rather than following the standard cookie cutter festival aesthetic they allow artists and musicians to design the themes for the rooms and entire festivals.

This lose leash attitude gives a truly new and original feel to every single one of their events. Even every room at an event you will find something new and different. A theme that you might not see ever again. Do NOT miss you chance to be a part of this experience.

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